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Amy Heinz is the mom next door. She’s been using her words to build worldwide brands, tame her three children (and husband), and make other moms feel better about themselves for more years than she can count. (And to think, she used to be good at math.) Her personal blog,, is filled with lessons she’s learned (usually the hard way), laughs she’s enjoyed (mostly at her own expense), and tears she’s shed (this mama’s got heart). You can find Amy on Yahoo! Shine as a Parenting Guru (insert laugh here) and, now, right here on Disney Baby. Read more from Amy on her slice-of-life parenting blog, Using Our Words. You can also follow her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Winnie the Pooh Memory Book: Reflecting on Year One

My baby girl, “Pink”, turns two on Friday. Two! Of course birthdays are full of celebration and anticipation, but I can’t help also reflecting on the two years that seemed to go by in a flash. Being that organization isn’t my strong suit, I haven’t done a baby book yet. Yet. (That’s what my blog is for, right?) I found this really sweet Winnie the Pooh Memory book right here on Disney Baby, and it got me thinking. Here’s what I would have written. And will. Someday.

Pooh memory book cover

A Strong Woman, A Powerful Mother

If you were to simply look at my mom, you probably wouldn’t think she seems all that tough. Chances are she’s wearing bright colors, sparkling jewelry, fresh lipstick, and a beautiful smile. But I’ll let you in on a little secret — beneath her feminine charms lies one strong woman.

It’s a quiet strength, which I believe to be her greatest gift. (Goodness knows she has many.) Her strength is the kind that builds people up rather than tearing them down. It’s the kind that inspires those around her to be more like themselves rather than more like her. It’s a kind that speaks of faith, hope, and love without a single word.

Amy and Dana

The Gift of Mother's Day Eve ... Alone

Four years ago, my husband gave me a huge surprise. On Mother’s Day Eve, he told me to pack a bag — that he was sending me to a nearby hotel for the night. All. By. Myself. At first I was a bit taken aback. Sure, his parents were visiting and would be able to help take care of our then 3-year old and 6-month old, but what if they needed their mom? He pointed out that they did need their mom. And their mom really, desperately needed a solid night’s sleep (which I hadn’t had in about 6 months thanks to a very sick, needy baby). Since I can’t nurse, he could handle feeding the baby for a night, while I got a quick escape. They’d see me bright and not too-too early in the morning for breakfast.

mother's day

5 Great Pilates Moves During Pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy can be difficult. Especially if you’re experiencing things like morning sickness, fatigue, achy muscles, etc. But the benefits of doctor-approved exercise are definitely worth it. Tasha Lawton, creator & founder of Pregalates, uses her years of fitness training to help expectant mothers feel good. She shared some gentle, effective techniques, which include deep breathing and stretching, as a great way to prepare for the birth of your child — and relieve some of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. As with any new activity during pregnancy, be sure check with your doctor to see if these are right for you. (My OB happened to be a big believer in the magic of yoga and pilates, and they gave me great relief.)

pelvic lift

Pink's Birthday Wish: To Become Rapunzel

Oh dear. Rumor has it my baby (baby, I tell you!) is about to turn two. While she’s got a wide variety of interests thanks to her big brothers, she’s definitely got a little princess brewing in her. The other day when I said it was time to get dressed, she said, “Pretty! I want pretty!”

As I think of all the things I should get her for her birthday, I can’t help but think this Rapunzel bodysuit would have her spinning in circles of pure joy.

What do you think? Should I indulge her? I mean, really, is that even a question?

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