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Amy Heinz is the mom next door. She’s been using her words to build worldwide brands, tame her three children (and husband), and make other moms feel better about themselves for more years than she can count. (And to think, she used to be good at math.) Her personal blog,, is filled with lessons she’s learned (usually the hard way), laughs she’s enjoyed (mostly at her own expense), and tears she’s shed (this mama’s got heart). You can find Amy on Yahoo! Shine as a Parenting Guru (insert laugh here) and, now, right here on Disney Baby. Read more from Amy on her slice-of-life parenting blog, Using Our Words. You can also follow her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Our Goodbye to Disney Baby

About a year ago, I was invited to be a part of this magical place, Disney Baby. While I was overwhelmed with excitement about writing for such a beloved site, I’d never done anything like this, and I had no idea what to expect. A year later, I can tell you it’s been a wonderful journey. I’ve really and truly had the chance to embrace the sweet baby moments as my little girl — a third child — has experienced them. This opportunity has allowed me to focus in, reach out, and soak up the wonder that is motherhood.

Well, this month, my Disney baby became a Disney kid. Yes, she turned two and, together, we’re growing up and leaving the baby stage behind. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to dimpled wrists, cozy snuggles, and powder-fresh scents, but I’m confident wherever life leads us next will be just as thrilling.

My Princess Has a Throne: Magical Sparkle Potty

The product mentioned in this post was provided free of charge by Disney Baby. To find out more about this item for purchase, please click here.

With two big brothers in a one-bathroom house, there’s no doubt that potty training is on our baby girl’s mind. She’s not quite ready, but the time has come to think about it. Enter the Magical Sparkle Potty System from Disney Baby.

“Pink” was thrilled when it arrived. She wanted to use it right away. But, it turns out having two big brothers is a bit confusing. Because she tried to stand over it. Then when I told her to sit, she did. Backwards. So, yeah. We have a bit to learn.

pink princess potty

3 Ways to Make Peace With Your Toddler Using Semantics

Let’s face it, once your itty-bitty baby enters oh-so-opinionated toddlerhood, life changes. Most of it’s outrageously fun — the discovery, the vocabulary, the interactions, the independence. But every now and then, these little people decide to dig in and show us who’s boss. Having been through this a few times myself, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s really as simple as using our words (funny, that’s the name of my personal blog). By adjusting your perspective, you’ll adjust your toddler’s too.

Here are a few examples.

pink coloring herself

Moms Working For You: Moxie Bibs Have Got You Covered

I’ll be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with bibs. I hate messes, so they’re a must. But most bibs end up doing half the job, or being just as much work as no bib at all. That’s why I knew Amy of Moxie Bibs struck genius when I learned about her idea. The Moxie Bib is anything but your traditional plastic-y bib. It’s actually quite lovely to look at, and is worn more like a shirt, but with a cool open back and easy-to-secure velcro tab at the neck. The best part? It really does wash like a little miracle. My kids have gotten pretty much anything that comes in a jar or a can on ours, and they look as good as new. (Plus it’s quite the conversation starter when you head out to eat.)

These are my go-to baby gift for repeat moms, and every single one has wondered why they didn’t know about the Moxie Bib sooner. So, now I’m letting all of you in on my little secret…

Moxie mom

A Family of 2-Year Olds

From the second a baby is born, it seems everyone from the delivery nurse to the stranger at the gas station likes to discuss who the precious little button looks like. “Ooh, he’s got your eyes.” Or, “I see your husband’s mom in her smile.” And so on.

With each of my kids, people constantly say they look just like my husband. Since I happen to find my husband to be very attractive, I take this as a compliment. But, of course, there’s a little piece of me that longs for people to see me when they look into my kids’ eyes. (And since all of them have my blue eyes, well, you’d think that might be the case. But no.)

2 yo Lenny
Rocket Fuel