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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amnah Ibrahim is your typical everyday mom of three little girls. Everyday she's surrounded by library books, crayons, and dress-up clothes. A craft and sewing enthusiast, she's also a wanna-be photographer and risk taker in the kitchen. Find more great posts from Amnah Ibrahim at This Little Life of Mine, and follow her as she delights in her domestic roles on Twitter @LLifeOfMine and on Facebook.

The Rubber Band Trick Keeping Me In My Favorite Jeans During Pregnancy

I love a growing pregnancy belly just as much as the next expecting mom. This huge curve growing beneath my heart is slowly filling with my newest baby that I’m already madly in love with. The only downside of my growing belly is that it pushes me out of my favorite jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love maternity jeans. Really, I do! They’re so comfy. But my favorite jeans? They’re my favorite! In one of my previous pregnancies I had seen this tip and use it often to keep me in my favorite blue jeans well into my third trimester.

The Rubber Band Trick Keeping Me In My Favorite Jeans During Pregnancy

5 Pictures That Help Me Focus on The Magical Moments

Motherhood is a lot of work. It’s tiring and rewarding at the same exact time. I currently have so much going on between my fourth pregnancy, homeschooling for the first year, blogging here and over at This Little Life of Mine, and every single daily mothering task in between. With three little ones, I’ve had a lot to deal with! It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the special moments. Zaynab has been an amazing blessing in helping me focus on these sweet and magical moments that I would miss out on if I let them slide. I’m so grateful for the simplicity of toddlerhood that helps me appreciate the truly wonderful moments of motherhood.

Pictures That Help Me Focus on The Magical Moments

Just In Time - Zaynab's Growing Bond With Daddy

Since the day she was born, me and my little Z have been inseparable. She’s incredibly attached to me and repeatedly chooses me over her daddy. I soak up every ounce of love she throws my way. She is always by my side, in my lap, or sleeping next to me. She currently is sitting in my lap as I type this out! So with my newest baby’s birth fast approaching, all I could think about was how I would handle two babies in my arms or at my side?

Baby's Growing Bond With Daddy

Fall in Love with Minnie Mouse Love Blossoms Crib Bedding

Your little girl would love to grow and blossom in her nursery surrounded by this adorable Minnie Mouse 4-piece Love Blossoms crib bedding available from Babies”R”Us. This set is especially sweet to introduce to your spring born baby girl. Featuring soft pinks and purples with splashes of green keeps the color scheme in the nursery girly and spring-like. I adore the details of the light pink trellis back ground and printed fabrics of the ruffle trim.

Included in the 4-piece set, you’ll get the adorable quilt featuring Minnie Mouse, a pink and white lattice print fitted sheet, a dust ruffle and diaper stacker. Be sure to check out the rest of the Minnie Mouse Love Blossoms line to complete the entire look in the nursery.

6 Spectacular Push Presents for the Disney Loving Mom

After getting through 9 months of pregnancy and labor and delivery, I’m all for Moms receiving a gift.  Sure, the baby is the best gift of all, but I feel like Mom deserves a little something for herself to say “You did it and you’re awesome!”

Don’t worry Dad, I pulled together some great Disney push presents that will be just right for your Disney loving wife. Once she gets her hands on any of these, it’ll be happily ever after.

6 Spectacular Push Presents for the Disney Loving Mom
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