Amnah Ibrahim

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amnah Ibrahim is your typical everyday mom of three little girls. Everyday she's surrounded by library books, crayons, and dress-up clothes. A craft and sewing enthusiast, she's also a wanna-be photographer and risk taker in the kitchen. Find more great posts from Amnah Ibrahim at This Little Life of Mine, and follow her as she delights in her domestic roles on Twitter @LLifeOfMine and on Facebook.

Amani's Taste for Adventure

Does your baby have a favorite place to crawl to? A particular spot in the house that calls to them every single time that they just can’t avoid? Perhaps it’s the Tupperware cabinet or a favorite basket of toys. For a while, Amani loved crawling all through the house until she reached the heater vent. Since she’s learned to pull herself up, her newest hot spot in the house happens to be the same place that always draws me in too.

baby and cookbooks

Appreciating the Small Things Again

As busy as my life is, having a baby has made me slow down, but in a good way. The needs of such a little thing take precedence over many tasks that used to occupy me. Instead of standing at the grocery store, debating a little too long which salad dressing to try, I know I need to get home quickly because Amani doesn’t enjoy being out of the house too much. I’d much rather be home hanging out with my girls than out in a busy supermarket with four kids anyways. With Amani in the house, I’m enjoying how sweet the small details in life are.

Baby and Sister

My Picture Perfect Goal For 2015

Every new year, I consider a few resolutions I want to take on. They’re usually the typical set that include getting healthier, save more money, stress less. All respectable solutions, but I fall short or falter every now and then in sticking to them. This year I’m setting one major goal for the whole entire year. It may not be life changing, but I know in the long run it’s going to be one of the best things I could have resolved to do.

Mom and Baby Selfie

Our Family's Very Unique Baby Milestone

Baby milestones are pretty exciting, are they not? Whether it’s new teeth or crawling, there always seems to be a magical moment to celebrate with Baby. Along with the typical textbook milestones, there’s a special moment I always look forward to that’s incredibly unique to our family.

Baby and Grandfather

When You Realize Motherhood Really is a Small World, After All

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me a It’s a Small World tee & pant set and It’s a Small World Plush Giraffe for free.

I’m at a place in my motherhood journey, where I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. I’m sleep deprived. I’m second guessing some of my parenting choices. I have all sorts of mommy guilt for not spending enough quality time with each child. I’m certain all my issues and insecurities go back to not having the rest I need, not eating properly, not having enough me time. It’s all adding up, making me feel like I’m just doing it all wrong. Each time I reach out to my fellow mama friends, they’re all talking about similar issues. I look at them and see amazing moms and wonder how they can even have similar struggles when they seem to have it all together. It makes me realize that motherhood is a small world after all.

It's a Small World Target
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