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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amnah Ibrahim is your typical everyday mom of three little girls. Everyday she's surrounded by library books, crayons, and dress-up clothes. A craft and sewing enthusiast, she's also a wanna-be photographer and risk taker in the kitchen. Find more great posts from Amnah Ibrahim at This Little Life of Mine, and follow her as she delights in her domestic roles on Twitter @LLifeOfMine and on Facebook.

4 Adorable 2-Pack Bib Sets to Keep Baby Clean and Cute

Amani is quickly approaching 6 months, which as we all know, will signal the start of solids! Sure, we’re over a month away from that milestone, but I can’t help but think about it from now. She’s been so different from her sisters, so I know that everything I thought I knew and have done with my previous daughters will not be what goes down with Amani. Challenge accepted!

What I do know is that she’ll need bibs… lots and lots of bibs. These two pack bib sets from Disney Store are so cute! I can’t wait to start accessorizing meal time with these adorable bibs.

4 Adorable 2-Pack Bib Sets to Keep Baby Clean and Cute

A Miracle While Grocery Shopping!

If there’s anything you should know about Amani — besides the fact that she’s the sweetest little thing ever — it’s that she hates her car seat. My little girl is simply not a fan. While her sisters would happily and comfortably nap in it while we were out running errands, Miss Amani wants no part of it. She would much rather be in my arms or worn in a baby carrier. I certainly don’t mind having her close by, but somehow, I’m still not used to the being less efficient while baby wearing. Then one day, I found myself in the grocery store alone with her and couldn’t believe what she did.

Baby napping while grocery shopping

Amani's Favorite Time: Tummy Time!

It seems like once a baby learns to do something, it’s all they ever want to do! Amani first rolled over a couple of months ago and has become quite a pro at it. When I place her down, she hardly stays on her back. Instead she rolls over right away onto her tummy. She’s been such a champ at tummy time that I think she’s strengthened her upper body muscles enough to start crawling soon! She’s really been on a roll!

Tummy time for baby

The Undeniable Love of a Big Sister

As a little sister to two older sisters, I can definitely vouch for the incredible value that they bring to my life. I’ve always looked up to them as role models, each one providing inspiration or guidance in her own unique way. I seek them out constantly, and without fail, they’re always there for me. I’m so grateful that my daughters all have each other as sisters, built in friends. It’s the relationship between my oldest and youngest that always makes me stop to cherish the bond and connections made.

Big sisters, big hearts

Why Fitting Room Nursing Sessions Are My Perfect Time-Out

As a mama to four kids, pretty much every minute of my day is accounted for and dedicated to my family. Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities as I try to think for and think ahead of each child’s actions to keep things under control. Running errands with all four girls is almost like synchronized swimming. I have to keep everyone in applause worthy formation without making too much of a splash. It’s when every single girl begins to take on her own routine that I begin to unravel. That becomes my cue for a fitting room time out.

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