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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amnah Ibrahim is your typical everyday mom of three little girls. Everyday she's surrounded by library books, crayons, and dress-up clothes. A craft and sewing enthusiast, she's also a wanna-be photographer and risk taker in the kitchen. Find more great posts from Amnah Ibrahim at This Little Life of Mine, and follow her as she delights in her domestic roles on Twitter @LLifeOfMine and on Facebook.

4 Cozy Plush Disney Rattles to Shake Things Up

A couple weeks away from turning four months, Amani has reached the stage where she attempts to grab things. Whatever she does get her hands on, she holds on tightly and shakes it around. Of course she’s not entirely in control of her actions just yet. Even so, this is the perfect time to introduce a plush rattle. Upon holding one, she’ll find that every time her hand moves, the plush will rattle softly. Her brain will begin to make the connection and thus leads into more and more wonderful discoveries to be made.

4 Cozy Plush Disney Rattles to Shake Things Up

Baby's Quirky Happy Little Trait That Leaves Us Smiling

Amani is one happy baby! It’s to be expected when she has three older sisters that are completely smitten by her and will do anything to make her smile. And boy, smile she does! She is always eager to serve up a grin, much to her sisters’ delight. It’s when Amani becomes so overcome with joy that her quirky little trait kicks in.

Baby's Quirky Little Happy Trait

Why I'm Grateful for Hiring a Professional Newborn Photographer

It’s no secret that I love pictures. They’re there to remind us of memories partially forgotten. To give us a glimpse back at some of the most important moments in our lives.

I am guilty of taking too many pictures — it’s true. However, looking back at my years as a mother, I realize that the time my children actually have the least pictures is when they are newborns. Do you blame me? I’m weary from birthing those beautiful babes of mine, and the last thing on my mind is to take more pictures than my memory card can store. I’ll snap a couple here and there, then pick a nap over a photo shoot.

This time, I wanted to capture the sweetness of those early days without adding another task to my to-do list, so I hired a professional photographer.

Celebrating the Fun of Amani's First Eid

A few weeks ago, my little Amani celebrated her first Eid, festival, that marked the end of Ramadan. Even though I didn’t get to participate during the month long of fasting, I was all in for the celebratory feasting to commemorate the end. While I’ve definitely experienced Eid with children before, I’ve never been through it with a newborn.

Celebrating the Fun of Baby's First Eid Holiday

Cuddle Up With Adorable Disney Plush Blankies

My sweet little girl has reached the point where she just wants to cuddle and nuzzle. At 3 months old, she’s aware of her surroundings and is actually quite vocal about her likes and dislikes. These super soft plush blankies would definitely illicit joyous coos and squeals from Amani.

At 10 inches by 10 inches, they’re the perfect size for little ones to reach for and cuddle with. Made of soft velour, they’ll lull your babe to sleep. Choose your favorite character from Mickey, Minnie, Dumbo, or Simba, then personalize it with with your child’s name.

Cuddle Up With Adorable Disney Plush Blankies
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