Amnah Ibrahim

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amnah Ibrahim is your typical everyday mom of three little girls. Everyday she's surrounded by library books, crayons, and dress-up clothes. A craft and sewing enthusiast, she's also a wanna-be photographer and risk taker in the kitchen. Find more great posts from Amnah Ibrahim at This Little Life of Mine, and follow her as she delights in her domestic roles on Twitter @LLifeOfMine and on Facebook.

Climbing to New Heights in Milestones

Someone, please make time slow down! My baby girl seems to think that she’s part of a milestone race. I’ve never been the type to track milestones, counting down months to when my children would reach or achieve one. As long as my girls were happy and healthy, I always just felt that they would get to them whenever was right for them. Yet here’s Amani, making me check and double check the age range of milestones. She’s completely surpassed the times her sisters hit each milestone.

Baby climbing stairs

Mothering a Happy Baby

Through my eight years of motherhood, I’ve noticed that every child forms their own personalities from early on. Looking back, I can see the same traits that my girls had as babies in them, several years later. Over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that Amani’s personality shines through as a cheerful, happy baby.

Mothering a Happy Baby

My Baby's Silly Bad Habit

At 8 months old, Amani has already developed a bad habit. It’s pretty gross but kind of funny. Just like a little puppy, my little girl loves to bite on shoes!

Minnie Mouse Shoes

The Milestone I Wish My Baby Would Achieve

Amani has blown through her milestones in a way that has left me yearning for her newborn days. While it’s fun been fun to check off her achievements, there has been one that I have been desperately waiting for her to accomplish.

Baby Sleep Struggles
Rocket Fuel