Winter Comfort For Babies ~ Keeping Them Warm & Healthy

Just last month while dressing my son, I noticed that his skin felt unusually rough on his hips, thighs and legs. Upon further examination it was obvious he had a bad case of dry skin. Welcome winter!

  • Protect Their Cheeks

    Protect Their Cheeks

    It’s hard to cover up cheeks. They get wind blown, chapped and dry unless you protect them before subjecting them to the weather. I like to rub in a thicker cream/balm on my baby’s lips and cheeks beforehand as it prevents all of the above.

  • Keep Their Feet Warm

    Keep Their Feet Warm

    It doesn’t matter if they are regular sized or knee-highs, my son loves to pull off his socks on a daily basis. Not such a good idea during the colder months – especially with ceramic floors! Because of this, slippers are a necessity and will keep their toes toasty.

  • Soup Meals

    Soup Meals

    There is something magical about a bowl of soup when it’s blustery outside. It warms you from the inside out and restores energy and vitality. Here are 10 of our favorite recipes that are child, baby and adult friendly.

  • Humidifier


    My son had a dry cough over the holidays, one that was not caused by a virus of any kind. We ended up purchasing a humidifier and his cough cleared up overnight. These are a must-have for babies!

  • Gentle Washes

    Gentle Washes

    The dry winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin which is why I prefer to use a gentle body wash on my baby’s skin as well as my own.

  • Dry Them Off

    Dry Them Off

    Don’t be slapdash in your towel drying efforts as it can have negative consequences. Babies should be well dried off after a bath as they can catch a chill so quickly. Big fluffy towels or these warm cuddly robes are ideal for little ones!

  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

    Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

    Right after all three of my kids have their evening bath, I like to use a gentle body lotion to seal in moisture and stop “the itchies” as my daughter calls them.

  • Light Layers

    Light Layers

    Bundling is a given, but keep the layers light. It’s just as easy for a baby to overheat as it is for them to catch a chill. Pull-on pants, bodysuits and hoodies are all great layering pieces.

  • Mitts


    Mitts protect a newborn’s hands from the elements and their face from scratches. If you can’t find them, purchase sleepers with built-in versions like this Sleep & Play with foldover mitts.

  • Put A Cap On It

    Put A Cap On It

    Hats are not just for outdoor play. When you have a newborn baby, stretchy caps like these are necessary for keeping your infant warm and healthy.

My husband, myself and our three children are prone to dryness during the winter months and take extra precautions to help prevent discomfort. On top of the dry skin is of course the dreaded cold and cough season. Thanks to the lack of humidity, the dry cough tends to linger.

We recently invested in a humidifier to help add a bit of moisture into the air and help soothe dry throats. I’m happy to say that it has worked quite well. Paired with a new skincare and bathing regimen, we’ve been able to keep our dryness at bay. Here are some of our favorite ways to do so.

How do you battle the winter season’s effects on your family?

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