Warm, Cuddly & Cozy Sleepers For Newborns & Baby Boys

I’m all for spiffy outfits and cool clothes for my little man, but if I’m being completely honest nothing beats a sleeper. There are no socks to look for, no top and no bottom – it’s an all-in-one outfit that keeps your baby warm at all times. Really now, what’s not to love?

  • Bright & Playful

    Bright & Playful

    I love the colors used on this bright and playful Monsters, Inc. sleeper! Cuddly and ideal for newborns, this Sleep and Play offers a fold over mitt to protect baby from scratching.

  • Here Comes Trouble!

    Here Comes Trouble!

    Black and white with a pop of lime! How fun is this 101 Dalmations sleeper? This is my favorite pick for a photo prop. Too, too cute!

  • Little Sailor

    Little Sailor

    I really wish this sleeper was available in larger sizes, because it would be the perfect PJ pick for my son during our upcoming cruise! The fun anchor and navy rope print squiggles around this sleeper.

    Can you spot the hidden Mickeys?

  • Uni Winnie the Pooh

    Uni Winnie the Pooh "On Wheels" Sleep and Play

    I love this Winnie the Pooh sleeper because of how gender neutral it is. The bright and playful Winnie the Pooh and Friends print doesn’t hurt either ;).

  • It's The Muppets!

    It's The Muppets!

    Again, another cleverly designed graphic print, this time featuring The Muppets! Technically, this could be worn by both a girl and a boy as the colors are quite gender neutral in my opinion.

  • Who's Awesome?

    Who's Awesome?

    Baby of course! Cuddle your “little mouse” in style with this all-over navy and red Mickey Mouse print. The sleeper is ideal for newborns as is made from the softest cotton imaginable.

  • Monsters Inc.

    Monsters Inc. "Sulley's Roar" Sleep and Play

    Not all monsters are scary, in fact some of them can be downright cute! I’m loving the pops of blue, green, black and grey on the white background of this sleeper .

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse "Born Cool" Sleep and Play

    Numbers, thumb’s up and of course Mickey Mouse – are featured on the top of this soft cotton fabric (patented by Disney) sleeper

  • Finding Nemo ~

    Finding Nemo ~ "Big Adventures" Sleep and Play

    Sharks aren’t always scary – in fact they are quite cute on this sleeper. Sharks and fins decorate the top of this blue and white striped sleeper.

  • Disney Baby Boy's Mickey Mouse

    Disney Baby Boy's Mickey Mouse "On-the-Move" Sleep and Play

    Mickey bubbles! The clever geometric bubble print on this sleeper features an outlined Mickey Mouse face in shades of blue on a baby blue background. Like most of Disney’s sleepers, this one is made from Disney Huggable Soft 100% Cotton.

  • Disney Baby Boy's Tigger

    Disney Baby Boy's Tigger "Let's Bounce" Sleep and Play


    Tigger is always up for some bouncing and this soft sleeper depicts some of the best from everyone’s favorite tiger. Not only do you have the playful Tigger print with catch-phrases on a bright turquoise background, the fold-over mitts are great for preventing baby from scratching.

  • The

    The "Lil' Monster"

    Monsters, Inc. provides the inspiration behind this sleeper. I personally love the doodled print in royal blue, orange and lime green.

  • Disney Baby Boy's The Lion King

    Disney Baby Boy's The Lion King "Future King" Sleep and Play

    Featuring Simba from Disney’s The Lion King, this wild life themed sleeper offers pops of orange, yellow, blues and olive on a white background. Made from 100% soft cotton, it is perfect for your “Future King’s” first 3 months.

  • Baby Boy's Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Baby Boy's Pirates Of The Caribbean "Blue Grotto" Sleep and Play

    Do you have a little pirate? I do and I think he would look pretty cute in this fun all-over skull print! The sleeper has pops of black, grey and neon green on top of a white background.

  • Baby Boy's Tigger

    Baby Boy's Tigger "Got Bounce?" Sleep and Play

    Tigger dives into a little shadow play with this fun take on camouflage. The print on this sleeper is done up in shades of grey and orange on a white background and is made from Disney’s Huggable Soft 100% Cotton.

  • Star Mickey Mouse Stretchie Sleeper

    Star Mickey Mouse Stretchie Sleeper

    It’s made from soft organic cotton and offers as much fun and cheer as Mickey himself! The sleeper also features full snaps and attached slipper feet.

  • The Blanket Sleeper

    The Blanket Sleeper

    Talk about cuddly! This zip front sleeper is super soft and sports an embroidered “1928” applique commemorating the year Mickey was born.

  • Who I Am

    Who I Am

    Who is he? He’s a “Little Star,” he’s “All Ears,” he’s “All Boy” and so much more. Cuddle your “little mouse” in style with this sleeper that features catch-phrases describing everyone’s favorite mouse. Funny enough, they work well for your little man as well! ;)

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can

    Does your son zoom around like it’s nobody’s business? If so, this CARS organic sleeper is perfect for him. The print features Lightning McQueen and race tracks.

  • "Who's Awesome" Sleep and Play

    I’m all for stripes on babies. They just look so right somehow. This navy blue number features a Mickey Mouse graphic with red puff print detailing.

  • Striped Winnie The Pooh Stretchie Sleeper

    Striped Winnie The Pooh Stretchie Sleeper

    Something about this organic sleeper makes me feel oh so happy. Winnie the Pooh flies amongst the clouds in the sky with just a simple balloon holding him and his jar of honey.

  • Seven Dwarfs Sleep & Play

    Seven Dwarfs Sleep & Play

    Is he Sneezy? Bashful? Grumpy? Happy? Luckily he doesn’t have to decide quite yet as this huggable sleeper features all seven dwarfs from Disney’s “Snow White” movie.

  • CARS

    CARS "Ready, Set, Go!" Sleep and Play

    Vroom, Vroom! Your little boy will be ready and set to “go!” in this adorable sleeper featuring a fun all-over print with the CARS verbiage in grey, red, blue and yellow.

My son had a recent bout with the flu that he is just getting over now. Over the last couple of weeks, he’s been living in his cozy sleepers during the day and again at night. It’s been a win-win for us both as he’s happy, free to move and super comfortable and yet at the same time, I don’t have to worry about him yanking his own socks off.

Now that my son has reached the walking/running phase of toddlerhood, his PJ’s are getting a really good workout. 3 currently have holes in the knees and toes, so yes I am in the market for some new sleepwear.

Here are 23 of my favorite picks for boys from Disney Baby

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