Vintage Duds For Your Little Man

I don’t know what is about the Fall season but it always makes me want to dress my daughter in vintage clothes. Last month I showcased a vintage clothes round up for little girls, but I don’t want to forget about the handsome little men in our lives. Here are some top notch vintage choices for your cute, tiny man.

  • Vintage

    Vintage "From Buffalo To Washington" Sweater

    How handsome would your little boy be in this cozy vintage sweater!

    $34, Sloppy Jo’s

  • Vintage Plaid Jumper With Bow Tie

    Vintage Plaid Jumper With Bow Tie

    Add some tall knee high socks and you’d you have quite a gentleman on your hands.

    $22, Sewvicious

  • Vintage Baby Boy Onesie

    Vintage Baby Boy Onesie

    For the little sports star in your life.

    $13, Hart and Sew

  • Vintage Baby Turtleneck Sweater

    Vintage Baby Turtleneck Sweater

    You can never have enough race cars for your tiny man. Love this cozy sweater!

    $12, 3 Ring Circus

  • Vintage Lacoste Shirt

    Vintage Lacoste Shirt

    It may be a perfect shirt for summer but add a cardigan over top and your little guy can wear it all year round!

    $10, OliversForest

  • Vintage Black Velvet Romper

    Vintage Black Velvet Romper

    For the dapper little guy in your life. Great for the holiday season!

    $13, 3 Ring Circus

  • Vintage Yellow Cardigan

    Vintage Yellow Cardigan

    Omgosh! A baby varsity sweater! So adorable.

    $22, Mama Fox Vintage

  • Vintage Wool Blend Tweed Jacket

    Vintage Wool Blend Tweed Jacket

    This coat would be great for the cold months ahead.

    $25, Deb’s Country Vintage

  • Vintage Track Shirt

    Vintage Track Shirt

    Pair this with some jeans and sneakers and your little one will be the cool kid on the block!

    $8, Linda’s Time Compass

  • Vintage Boys Outfit by Florence Eisewau

    Vintage Boys Outfit by Florence Eisewau

    This is about the cutest romper I have ever seen!

    $39.99, Vintage Polka Dot Com

  • Vintage Kids Argyle Sweater

    Vintage Kids Argyle Sweater

    $9.50, La Di Dottie

  • Vintage 1950's Little Boy Bow Tie

    Vintage 1950's Little Boy Bow Tie

    Every little boy needs a vintage bow tie in their wardrobe.

    $12, Hart and Sew

Dressing little kids is just so fun isn’t it?

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