The Best Summer Hats for Baby Boys & Baby Girls

When it comes to baby hats I have a bit of a problem. See, I just can’t stop buying them. It’s a good thing – really it is. My son has already lost 3 of his hats during our travels and the others tend to lose themselves periodically, turning up days later.

I have hats in our house, the car, diaper bag and even the stroller basket. My son’s hat collection rivals mine as well as his sisters’. In my defence, Baby Fashion Spring/Summer Season 2012 was WAY too cute this year. The styles are out of control this year and it is almost completely impossible to pick just one.

To prove my point, just take a look at these hats for newborns and tell me if you could pick just one. Come on now, be honest! I’m not the only one with a hat problem right? ;-)

  • Soft Fedora Hat

    Soft Fedora Hat

    So cute right?
    Fedoras are the hottest trend for toddlers, kids and adults this season and I’m happy to report that you can get the same stylish look for your infant with these soft and utterly adorable fedoras. The hats are made to order and come in sizes that range from 0-3 months to 4T.

  • The Urban Baby Bonnet

    The Urban Baby Bonnet

    Bonnets are my favorite style for girls and the wide brim keeps their little faces shaded beautifully. This custom Urban Baby Bonnet is made to order from your choice of two fabrics. They have a wide selection of gorgeous prints too!

  • Pilot Style LiftUp Baby Hat

    Pilot Style LiftUp Baby Hat

    I want this handsome number for my son – another to add to my large collection ;).

    The LiftUp Hat is quite unique as it utilizes a small magnet allowing to flip the top up or down to shade your baby’s eyes. The white linen vintage deer print is my favorite, but it comes in other colors and prints as well.

  • Baby Girl's Reversible Cap

    Baby Girl's Reversible Cap

    Caps will always and forever be my favorite hat of choice for newborns. They are soft, stretchy and perfect for all-seasons. This bib and cap set provides a great value – especially as the hat is reversible.

  • Baby Boy's Reversible Cap

    Baby Boy's Reversible Cap

    The bib and cap set pictured in the previous slide comes in a couple of different colorways. This Tigger variation is classic, colorful and my favorite pick for boys.

  • Minnie Mouse Hat for Baby Girls

    Minnie Mouse Hat for Baby Girls

    Oh my goodness, the cute!

    Not only is this a brimmed hat, it’s a ruffled one to boot! I adore this Minnie Mouse Sun Hat with it’s adorable padded apple leaf appliqué.

  • Cotton Baby Summer Hat

    Cotton Baby Summer Hat

    I don’t know if it is the colors or design of this hat that makes me think of tea parties and the English countryside. Made from a soft cotton yarn, this summer hat is a great pick for your little lady.

  • Baby Fedora With a Feather

    Baby Fedora With a Feather

    I couldn’t possibly leave out the feathered fedora! This one comes with a stylish band, feather and metal button, or you can opt for just the traditional band.

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