The Best Halloween Photo Props For Newborns

There are plenty of costumes for babies and little ones, but if you have just given birth recently or have a baby due in the next couple of weeks, there are so many incredible photo opportunities and ideas that you can take advantage of this time of year.

I wish I would have hired a photographer for my daughter’s first pictures and done something similar to the following photos I’m about to show you. These aren’t really costumes per say as they won’t keep your baby warm enough for outings, but they do make excellent props for a photo shoot.

Just looking at all these babies makes me want another stat. I have a slight weakness for newborns…

  • Pretty Pumpkin

    Pretty Pumpkin

    The cute level on this adorable newborn wearing this pumpkin is so high, it should be illegal. You can purchase it in various sizes by visiting Creative Designs By Pam on Etsy.

    Photo Credit: Terry Scallion Photography

  • Proud Peacock

    Proud Peacock

    Peacocks are bold, beautiful and simply stunning. This adorable peacock-inspired outfit includes a teal satin diaper cover bloomer and matching headband fascinator.
    You can purchase this in various sizes by visiting Bottom’s Up Boutique on Etsy.

    Photo Credit: Two Little Monkeys

  • Little Apple

    Little Apple

    Apples are popular both as a fruit, a seasonal activity and as a baby name :). This sweet little apple hat is ideal for your newborn photo session.

  • Foxy


    A diaper cover with an attached tail? Stop it! This knitted fox photo prop is ideal for Halloween and your baby’s first pics.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse

    Not a detail has been left out with this adorable Mickey Mouse set. The hat, yellow bowtie, white gloves, yellow shoes and Mickey diaper cover with removable tail are all included to make for a picture perfect Halloween shoot.

  • Little Bear

    Little Bear

    I called my son a little bear the day he was born. How I wish I found this baby bear hat a year ago!

  • Mini Dinosaur

    Mini Dinosaur

    Not all dinosaurs are scary, in fact this one is downright cuddly! You could take some great shots with this dinosaur hat and diaper cover set.

  • Sporty Baby

    Sporty Baby

    Do you have a sports fan in your house? Are you or your husband just waiting until your little one is able to kick or catch a ball? If so, this crocheted football hat is a great choice for the upcoming winter season and doubles a cute Halloween prop!

  • Baby Shrek

    Baby Shrek

    I love little green ogres. Especially ones with twinkly eyes and button noses ;). This is a great Halloween prop idea.

  • Candy Corn

    Candy Corn

    Candy Corn is THE candy of the season and you can have quite a bit of fun with in more ways than one! This accesorized version is great for little ones. The candy corn available for babies from 0-6 months.

  • There's No Nicer Witch Than You

    There's No Nicer Witch Than You

    She’s a good witch and like Frank Sinatra said, there is no nicer witch than her ;). If you want to go with a traditional Halloween themed photo shoot, this hat is perfect paired with a mini black tutu. A glittery orange band keeps the hat secure on baby’s head.

    You can purchase this in various sizes by visiting Maya’s Mommy on Etsy.

  • Super Baby!

    Super Baby!

    Superman needs a break sometimes, just like super babies. This photo shoot idea with a superhero prop is too cute for words and just perfect for your little guy.

  • So Sweet

    So Sweet

    Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice – with a cherry on top ;). I just love the multi-colored yarn used in this delicious handmade cupcake hat.

  • Piggie


    Ideal for both boys and girls, this pink pig hat and diaper cover set is as cute as can be.

Please do not attempt any of the poses shown in these photos (besides the ones of babies simply lying down of course). Remember that all of the shots shown in this slide show were created with the help of a professional photographer! If you want to recreate some of the shots shown, hire a local photographer or check online for one close to you. I priced a few out recently and they aren’t overly expensive, especially if you are just doing a short shoot with your baby.

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