Sweet Valentine’s Day Headbands For Baby & Child

I love to accessorize. As a mom, a scarf, a headband or a new piece of jewelry can dress up an outfit in 2 seconds flat. I’m a big fan of accessorizing! When it comes to holidays and special occasions, accessories are my go-to ‘dress-up’ solution for my little ones. I prefer hats, bows and headbands to full-on outfits as they can be used year-round. That being said, Valentine’s Day is quite neutral in that respect. Red, pink, white, hearts and flowers can be used and worn any time of the year.

  • 20 Valentine's Day Headbands For Your Little Sweet

    20 Valentine's Day Headbands For Your Little Sweet

    Conversational candy hearts are one of the most classic treats for Valentine’s Day, making this headband a really sweet one. A felted heart inspired by the sweet treat sits between two chiffon frayed flowers. The band is available in 3 different sizes ranging from 0-18+ months.

    Where can you find it? My Sweet Bee on Etsy

  • The Rose Bow

    The Rose Bow

    A bow made out of mini rosettes. Adorably romantic, wouldn’t you say?

    Where can you find it? AddysAttic on Etsy

  • Red Puffy Heart

    Red Puffy Heart

    This red rose embellished heart is edged in a tiny picot trim and graces the classic skinny headband. It is available in three sizes ranging from 0-18 months and up.

    Where can you find it? Avabowtiquee on Etsy

  • The Valentine Trio

    The Valentine Trio

    Red, white and pink; the colour trio of love. I just love how each shabby chic flower is joined to the other with a glittery rhinestone embellishment. Quite spiffy!

    Where can you find it? SummerChicBoutique on Etsy

  • Hearts & Hearts

    Hearts & Hearts

    Various sized hearts in red and pink have been strung almost invisibly in such a clever manner on this band. A red satin ribbon is tied at the back and keeps the band in place.

    Where can you find it? millchundhonig on Etsy

  • Red Chiffon

    Red Chiffon

    Skinny headbands are just the sweetest and I love how they have tied in this beautiful chiffon mini rosette red bow to create a very classic look that is beyond perfect for Valentine’s Day

    Where can you find it? My Sweet Bee on Etsy

  • Valentine Trio

    Valentine Trio

    Three flowers grace this sophisticated headband for your little one. A solid black, pink and black and white polka dot flowers are joined together with a glamorous brooch. The entire piece has been attached to a soft and stretchy headband for your baby’s comfort.

    Where can you find it? Savani Boutique on Etsy

  • Hot Pink Eyelet

    Hot Pink Eyelet

    A lovely eyelet lace hot pink flower graces this soft headband for newborns. If your child is older or if you too would like one similar, the seller has various sizing options available.

    Where can you find it? PoshLittleTots on Etsy

  • Minnie Valentine

    Minnie Valentine

    I don’t know about you, but this headband reminds me of a certain mouse! Reminiscent of Minnie’s own personal style, this pink and white polka dotted baby band is ideal for V-Day yet perfect for year-round wear.

    Where can you find it? BirdyBows on Etsy

  • Hearts & Rosettes

    Hearts & Rosettes

    I love how this headband offers a little bit of everything. A heart, roses, satin, lace and a touch of glitter.

    Where can you find it? Little Pearl Boutique on Etsy

  • Shabby Chic

    Shabby Chic

    Chic is good, but shabby chic is even better. This skinny headband has a hot pink and white dot shabby chic flower attached, making it ideal for Valentine’s Day or dressing up any outfit year-round.

    Where can you find it? Bella Fleur Boutique on Etsy

  • A Rose Is A Rose

    A Rose Is A Rose

    When it comes to baby photo props, simple is always best. For Valentine’s Day, a headband like this bejeweled red floral version is all you need.

    Where can you find it? NannaRoseDesigns on Etsy

  • Glamorous Red

    Glamorous Red

    Sophistication meets cute for Valentine’s Day with this soft red and black headband. A red flower with a glittery brooch in the middle is the stand out feature on this adorable accessory. Feathers, lace and a little bit of veil add the glam.

    Where can you find it? Savani Boutique on Etsy

  • Classic Red

    Classic Red

    If simple is what you are looking for, look no further. The classic satin bow needs no improving. You can buy this in a wide range of different colors and sizes. They even have adult ones in case you want to match with your mini!
    Where can you find it? Happy BOWtique on Etsy

  • Roses Are Red

    Roses Are Red

    This full red rose has a gorgeous center embellished with a pearl surrounded by rhinestones. The piece is attached to a red headband and would look oh so gorgeous as is or dressing up your daughter’s Valentine’s Day outfit.

    Where can you find it? NannaRoseDesigns on Etsy

  • Big Bold Bow

    Big Bold Bow

    Big and bold is best, especially when it comes to bows! This hot pink one consists of satin rosettes and offers a gorgeous rhinestone center.

    Where can you find it? Addy’sAttic on Etsy

  • The Little Showstopper

    The Little Showstopper

    Grey felt and red satin compliment each other beautifully both with the colours and varied textures on this holiday-themed headband.

    Where can you find it? PoshLittleTots on Etsy

  • Abundant Love

    Abundant Love

    Felt headbands have such a nice look to them, they’ve always been high on my list of favorites. This triple heart version is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

    Where can you find it? mybabysweetpea on Etsy

  • Double Rose

    Double Rose

    Two soft pink roses sit side by side on this skinny headband. So very elegant!

    Where can you find it? Addy’sAttic on Etsy

  • Posh Swirl Flower

    Posh Swirl Flower

    I love the intricate detail on this adorable beaded swirl flower! The beads are iridescent so they give off a multi-color sheen which goes beautifully againts the rich red silk. The flower is attached to a shimmery red elastic headband backed with soft felt for ultimate comfort.

    Where can you find it? TheFairyFactoryShop on Etsy

Some babies have a whole lot of hair and it always amazes me when I see one. My three were all baldies until they hit 2 or so, which is the case for many. Because of this, soft and stretchy headbands were my favorite. I could dress up their hair in a super cute way without having to work with a whole lot of it.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are 25 sweet and oh so lovely headbands for your mini sweetheart. Which one is your favorite?

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