Santa & Elf Hats For Babies ~ A Round-Up

It’s funny how things change as your children grow. Dressing my babies in all sorts of adorable hats was one of my passions. No really. There is something about a baby in a cute hat that makes my heart leap out of my chest. They are just so darn cute!

  • Snowball Santa

    Snowball Santa

    Words really can’t do this hat it’s justice. I mean really. The cute level is just off the charts! Made from super soft and chunky yarn, this red and white Christmas hat is designed to fit preemies and newborn babies. Also available in other colors.

    Where can you find it? bitowhimsy on Etsy

  • Candy Cane Elf

    Candy Cane Elf

    I don’t know what’s cuter, the long stocking-like design of this candy cane elf hat, or the pom pom at the end.

    Where can you find it? Creating Chaoticly on Etsy .

  • Cindy Lou Who

    Cindy Lou Who

    The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, is one of my all-time favorite holiday movies and Cindy Lou Who just happens to be one of my favorite characters. Imagine my thrill when I spotted this uber adorable elf hat designed to replicate the very same hat Cindy wore in the movie?

    Where can you find it? Boondocks Babies on Etsy .

  • Pixie Elf

    Pixie Elf

    Merino wool is not only soft, it’s incredibly warm. This sweet seamless elf hat is made out of this natural material. I love the lacy detailing around the edges!

    Where can you find it? Zazaiza on Etsy

  • Boa Baby

    Boa Baby

    This extra long Santa hat is my personal favorite. Do you see those fuzzy trimmings? It’s boa fur that has been sewn onto the hat. Oh so soft!

    Where can you find it? dianirasoto on Etsy

  • Baby Elf

    Baby Elf

    Just look at that face! Santa’s little helper needs a hat to keep him/her warm and this one is just perfect! With its ear flaps, under the chin tie and pointy peek, this is the perfect hat for your little elf.

    Where can you find it? Wind Mills Wooden Shoes on Etsy .

  • Santa Baby

    Santa Baby

    I like the thickness of this hat as it could easily be worn during chilly trips out. Knitted with soft and silky yarn for your new baby’s delicate head.

    Where can you find it? Ava Girl Designs on Etsy

  • Twin Elves

    Twin Elves

    Every Christmas baby deserves an elf hat, don’t you think? This adorable version can be ordered in different colorways. I really like the idea shown on the left. If you have twins order two and reverse the color stripes!

    Where can you find it? knittingbitty on Etsy .

  • Mr. Snowman

    Mr. Snowman

    What do elves and Santa have in common? They live in the North Pole with Mr. Snowman. I just had to include this adorable crocheted baby hat as it is just ideal for winter weather, the upcoming holidays and could also easily be used as a photo prop.

    Where can you find it? Crochet by Palm on Etsy .

  • Santa Set

    Santa Set

    This gorgeous little set comes with a crocheted Santa/elf hat and adjustable diaper cover in red and cream. Such a cute idea for Christmas photo cards or holiday photos! You can order this in all sizes.

    Where can you find it? hipstertwo on Etsy

  • Jingle Elf

    Jingle Elf

    The detail in this hat is remarkable! Just look at the pointy felt ears and trimming. A gold glitter bell tops off the entire look perfectly. Note this hat can be made in newborn sizes only.

    Where can you find it? bitowhimsy on Etsy

  • Softy


    Babies deserve the softest everything which is why I had to include this Santa hat in the round-up. So fuzzy and oh so soft! This little hat comes in three sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

    Where can you find it? Nora and Finn on Etsy

  • Santa's Ridin'

    Santa's Ridin'

    Everyone knows Santa needs goggles to weather the snowstorms on Christmas Eve. This newborn aviator hat is just a shrunk down version of the original and features hand stitched felt goggles and a button chinstrap.

    Where can you find it? bitowhimsy on Etsy

  • Santa Hat

    Santa Hat

    Everyone loves Santa and his hat. This adorable crocheted version is made in a rich cranberry red and has an adorable pom pom at the end. Available in 4 different sizes from newborn all the way up to 12 months.

    Where can you find it? foreveryouandme on Etsy

  • Upcycled


    Something old into something new. I don’t know if it’s the shade of green or the leave and button details on this upcycled elf hat that remind me of fairy tales. This hat is made from a cashmere sweater that has been felted for extra softness.

    Where can you find it? Quick Finley on Etsy .

As your kids get older, they tend to pull the hats off and aren’t as enthralled with them as you are. My son isn’t too bad as he is still just a babe, in fact he loves wearing them and toddles over to me dailiy with one of his fedoras or newsboy caps in his hands saying “Aht, Aht Mama! Aht, Aht!”

If you are to buy anything for your newborn this holiday season – make it a Santa hat. I can’t even begin to tell you how adorable these sweet accessories are, so I won’t even try. Click through for 15 of the sweetest hats you’ve ever seen!

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