Real Disney Baby Style: Veda

As a wardrobe stylist and lover of baby fashions I’m constantly checking out how other people dress their babies. Is that weird? Maybe. But recently while doing this during a hang out session with a friend of mine, I noticed the adorable little nautical inspired bodysuit that was the base of the adorable outfit she was wearing. I asked her where it was from and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it was one of Disney’s cuddly bodysuits! Keep reading to find out more about Veda’s outfit!


I love the look of a cute bodysuit over tights for little baby girls, because it’s hard to find pants that fit well and tights are way cuter. Pairing this with a cozy knit sweater, as Veda’s mommy did, worked out perfectly. Add this simple DIY headband to tie it all together and you’ve got a recipe for an adorable little outfit!

And here are those bodysuits – only $12.00 for a 3-pack from Target! I’m pretty sure I need to snap up a set of these. Bonus: they’re from the boy’s section, but perfectly gender neutral when styled right, so you can hand them down to your next baby no matter their gender!


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