Mickey & Minnie Mouse Playwear Collection at JCPenney

Guess what?

JCPenney has a new exclusive Disney Baby line. New fashions for spring that are so cute you won’t be able to stand it. I know, I’m excited too! This collection is only available at JCPenney stores though, which means I will have to make a pit stop on my next trip to the USA which so happens to be next week.

If I had a little girl I would buy up the entire collection because oh my goodness is it cute. For my son I want this adorable shirt and shorts.

And this.

Oh and these shorts too!

Click through to check out the entire line and tell me if you’ve ever seen a cuter pair of capri pants for baby girls.

  • Frilly Minnie

    Minnie Mouse is the ultimate fashionista, so there really is no question where the inspiration from this dress comes from. Multiple ruffles, boys and pink and white stripes combine to create the cutest dress ever!

    Buy it here

  • Cutie In Plaid

    Cutie In Plaid

    I just love this shirt! The combination of crisp cotton poplin with jersey knit is such a handsome modern take on the traditional button-down.

  • The Skeggings

    Skirt + Leggings = Skeggings. A brilliant invention that combines the cuteness of leggings with frilly skirts. If they had these in a size 4, my daughter would take 2!

    Buy it here

  • Pull-On Shorts

    Navy blue is classic and goes with just about anything. These knit pull-on shorts can be mixed and matched with pieces from your son’s wardrobe.

    Buy it here

  • Magnificent Minnie

    The shades, the ice cream cone with ‘real ice cream’ and the addition of a touch of ‘tude, makes this one cool tee for your girly.

    Buy it here

  • Leggings With Bows

    May I just say that the addition of tulle tack boys and jeweled buttons make these the cutest leggings I’ve ever seen!

    Buy them here

  • It's a Party!

    Say hi to Mickey and his friends who all wanted in on this tee. Love the striped collar!

    Buy it here

  • Minnie Fashion Top

    The tulle tack on lower on the top of this knit top matches quite well with Minnie’s skirt trimming. Look closely and you’ll notice glittering sequins on the bottom trim!

    Buy it here

  • Mickey Polo

    Mickey gives us his signature green on this spring-perfect green and white striped polo.

    Buy it here

  • Frills & Flounce

    Frills, polka dots, bows, hearts and more. This top has every girly embellishment you can imagine!

    Buy it here

  • Three Bow Leggings

    Instead of just the one bow, these capri leggings have three mini-tulle bows on the bottom of each leg. Would look so adorable paired with the tops from this collection!

    Buy it here

  • The Plaid Short

    Every boy needs a pair of plaid shorts and with summer a few months away, these couldn’t come at a better time.

    Buy them here

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