20 Holiday Themed Bodysuits For Babies & Toddlers

If I had to choose just one article of baby clothing as my “can’t live without,” it would be the bodysuit, no contest.

This is one of the easiest tops to dress baby and change them in (the snaps on the bottom are ideal for quick diaper changes). Another great thing about these outfits is how you can pair them with pants, skirts or leggings. My son has worn one of his classic bodysuits with fleece pants, dress pants and jeans. You can use them to create many different looks for your little one without having to worry about matching as most of them go with just about everything.

  • Tie & Suspenders

    Tie & Suspenders

    Why bother with the tie and suspenders if you can have them all-in-one soft and comfie bodysuit? This is such a fun outfit that can be paired with any pant for a complete holiday look.

    Where can you find it? SewBeachyBoutique on Etsy.

  • Nice? Maybe...

    Nice? Maybe...

    I’m a big fan of tongue in cheek sayings – especially on baby bodysuits. This green number states “I’ve been (relatively) nice this year!”

    Got to love that honesty ;).

    Where can you find it? PigeonCameraDesigns on Etsy.

  • Matryoshka Doll

    Matryoshka Doll

    Russian nesting dolls have always been a favorite of mine and tend to make an appearance during the holidays. A tiny pink ruffle adds a sweet touch to this appliqued outfit.

    Where can you find it? Boboandcoco on Etsy.

  • Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

    Available in 5 different sizes (from newborn to 12-18 months), this adorable Rudolph bodysuit has it’s very own red butotn nose. The snowflake fabric used adds a nice festive touch.

    Where can you find it? MyCoatOfManyColors on Etsy.

  • Minnie & Bows

    Minnie & Bows

    It isn’t holiday-themed, but the colors are definitely suitable for Christmas! Minnie’s signature polka dot bow is covered in red and silver glitter for a glamorous finish. The best part? She autographed this bodysuit, especially for your own mini.

    Where can you find it? Disney Store.

  • Twins First Christmas

    Twins First Christmas

    What better way to celebrate your twins’ first Christmas then with matching bodysuits? This set is for boy and girl twins, however you can customize the order for 2 girls or 2 boys if need be.

    Where can you find it? Coutureforkids on Etsy.

  • Classic Cutie

    Classic Cutie

    Red is a color that looks great during the holidays, but should absolutely be worn year-round. Your little one can wear this puff sleeved classic Minnie piece from now until she outgrows it.

    Where can you find it? Disney Store.

  • Build a Bodysuit

    Build a Bodysuit

    Yes, yes you can build-your-own bodysuit. This brilliant set comes with a white bodysuit, red and white striped suspenders, a green tie, green bow tie and red vest. Use one of these accessories, two or all of them to create different looks. Why can’t they have something like this for dads? My husband would love it!

    Where can you find it? NoahsBoytiques on Etsy.

  • The Complete Holiday Outfit - Disney Baby Style

    The Complete Holiday Outfit - Disney Baby Style

    Most bodysuits are sold as is, but this? This is a complete holiday outfit! This gorgeous bodysuit with tartan bow detaling is designed ‘fooler-style’ so that the snowflakes are hidden under the skirt, creating the look of a regular top. You can mix and match both pieces, wearing the tulle tutu skirt with other tops or creating a more casual outfit with the bodysuit and a pair of jeans.

    Where can you find it? Disney Store.

  • Santa's Already Here!

    Santa's Already Here!

    I bet you didn’t realize Santa was already in your home. And if he hasn’t arrived yet, chances are he will making his grand debut quite soon! Dress him up in his traditional outfit with this themed bodysuit.

    Where can you find it? SnickerDoodleSpokane on Etsy.

  • The Cardigan Bodysuit

    The Cardigan Bodysuit

    I think this is just genius! This bodysuit set includes a short sleeve red and white striped baby bow tie bodysuit and a cardigan bodysuit to wear over top. You can pair both of these with some spiffy pants for an adorable look, or wear one at a time.

    Where can you find it? Haddonco on Etsy.

  • Noel


    Personalization at its best! You can customize this bodysuit with any saying, word or name, choosing from a huge selection of fabrics.

    Where can you find it? AppliqueonesiesbyLiz on Etsy.

  • Pink Christmas Anyone?

    Pink Christmas Anyone?

    I’m sure most little girls dream of a pink Christmas. Mine sure did! This bodysuit is embroidered in pink and silver, offering an incredibly girly take on the holidays.

    Where can you find it? EllaLuBoutique on Etsy.

  • He's a Mean One

    He's a Mean One

    Mr. Grinch! The story starts off on a sour note, but ends on a much happier one and to be honest, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the story of The Grinch!

    Where can you find it? Itsaboytique on Etsy.

  • Glittery Minnie Pant and Bodysuit Set

    Glittery Minnie Pant and Bodysuit Set

    Here is yet another great outfit set including both the bodysuit and a pair of classy black pants featuring ruffled detailing. The glittery red bodysuit featuring Minnie Mouse, has built-in snaps that grow with your baby.

    Where can you find it? Disney Store.

  • The Comedian

    The Comedian

    Do you have a little comedian on your hands? Something tells me this adorable red and green bodysuit would work quite well with his personality.

    Where can you find it? TheCraftyMenagerie on Etsy.

  • Keep An Eye On Those Cookies...

    Keep An Eye On Those Cookies...

    So that’s where they went! ;)

    “I Ate Santa’s Cookies” is printed on this super fun and hilarious bodysuit for your baby.

    Where can you find it? Shoptheittybitty on Etsy.

  • Who Needs Mistletoe?

    Who Needs Mistletoe?

    Just give me a kiss already? No doubt your baby will be getting lots of loving with this bodysuit!

    Where can you find it? Sewsosweetdesigns on Etsy.

  • Has Your Toddler Been - Nice-ish?

    Has Your Toddler Been - Nice-ish?

    You have to love the honesty! The long sleeves are sure to keep your baby warm during chillier days and I’m sure family and friends will get a kick out of the saying “Dear Santa, does “Nice-ish” count?” Where can you find it? mmhandmades on Etsy.

  • Just Like The Real Thing

    Just Like The Real Thing

    I really like how real this bodysuit looks. Just the top of the tie is sewn, so that the remainder ‘moves’ just like papa’s. There are even little buckles to replicate real suspenders.

    Where can you find it? Shopantsypants on Etsy.

The holidays brings out a whole new category of bodysuits. Ones with tongue-in-cheek sayings, brilliantly designed pieces with accessories attached, or entire outfit sets. With the holidays just weeks away, I wanted to give you plenty of time to browse and shop. Keep in mind that most of these can be purchased in many different sizes but with the holidays fast approaching some may be out of stock, so you see something you like, don’t wait too long to snap it up!

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