10 Halloween Headbands For Babies & Toddlers

Halloween is just one week away and if you and your baby take part in playgroups or library events, chances are there are quite a few fun events planned over the next little while. My girls have a couple of parties coming up and instead of wearing their costumes, we thought we would accessorize.

  • Bow Band

    Bow Band

    The addition of an orange bow on this black skinny headband adds a classic look with Halloween twist. A hint of sparkly sequins add just a touch of dazzle to the band.

  • Halloween Baby

    Halloween Baby

    I think this headband is adorable, and a great photo prop choice for after Halloween if your little one decides to make their grand debut on the 31st or close to it. The band is made out of an orange satin ribbon rosette with marabou feathers and a black bow.

  • Sweet Candy Corn

    Sweet Candy Corn

    Made from a white stretch elastic, this sweet little headband features three rosettes, each with an embellishment (candy corn and white pearls).

  • Pumpkin Bloom

    Pumpkin Bloom

    This is one of the most gorgeous headbands out of the bunch. The large orange flower is attched to a wide stretchy black lace band. That pretty jewel you see, sitting in the middle of the flower is a black rhintestone embellishment which comes secured to the center. Love this band!

  • Halloween Trio

    Halloween Trio

    It’s glitzy, glamorous and very Halloween Chic! This Halloween Trio Headband features orange, black, purple and a touch of lime green feathers on a stretchy black headband backed with felt. There is also a rhinestone cluster plasted directly in the middle for sparkle.

  • Pumpkin Pretty

    Pumpkin Pretty

    I love, love black and white polka dot prints. In fact I’m slightly obsessed with it actually. This headband features the print I love so much, matched up with a bright orange in a double flower style. In the middle is a smiling pumpkin embellishment. All three pieces are attached to a soft elastic headband, backed with soft felt.

  • Shabby Rose

    Shabby Rose

    Dubbed the ‘Halloween Stella’ this hairband has one printed shabby rose in a mix of black and orange. It comes on a black skinny elastic band that is backed with felt for softness.

  • Ruffled Rosettes

    Ruffled Rosettes

    There are three hand-rolled satin roses in white, black and orange that grace this black ruffled headband. The back of each of the flowers is lined with soft felt for added comfort.

  • Not-so-spooky Chic

    Not-so-spooky Chic

    A bright orange satin ruffle is decorated with 3 pearls in the center and finished off with 2 feathers and bird cage veiling on the side edge. The band is made from a stretch elastic providing a comfortable fit for your little one.

  • Orange Floral

    Orange Floral

    With it’s black glittery band and bright orange tulle flower, this headband really sparkles!

Headbands are a great way to add little hints of a special occasion or holiday without dressing up in an entire ensemble. The nice thing about headbands is that no hair is required before wearing them. If your baby is bald or just has a little bit of peach fuzz, they can still wear any of these these pretty picks.

Since the bands are all stretchy, they grow with your baby from 6-12 months depending on the style.

Have you ever purchased a headband for your baby girl? If so, does she wear them often?

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