Favorite Finding Nemo Baby Products

I’ve told you before how much of an impact the movie “Finding Nemo” and specifically Dory’s message to just keep swimming has had on our family (click here to read more).

I believe it’s no small thing that we keep ourselves surrounded with images, pictures and people that inspire us. It reminds us of our purpose, and reminds us to see the bigger picture in life.

As parents this can be especially important as we weather the ups and downs of parenthood.

Just for fun, I’ve gathered some of our favorite Finding Nemo baby items that remind us to not judge a book (or special fish) by its cover, to never give up and to keep a bigger perspective on life. Family is everything. Enjoy the roundup after the jump!



    This robe is perfect after bath time, but we love baby robes for post-swim snuggles too. Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Cuddly Bodysuit

    FINDING NEMO Cuddly Bodysuit

    I absolutely love the latest Finding Nemo boy’s bodysuits – so handsome and adorable! Find here

  • Nemo 16

    Nemo 16" Plush Toy

    The classic – the plush Nemo. If you ask my baby, and she could talk, she’d say this guy is super comfy to sleep with. Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Spout Protector

    FINDING NEMO Spout Protector

    This protector keeps little hands off the hot faucet, but also adds a fun element to bath time with the little Nemo water squirter. Find here


    FINDING NEMO "Big Adventures" Sleep and Play

    These pajamas are so cozy but even better – so stylish! Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Washcloths 6-Pack

    FINDING NEMO Washcloths 6-Pack

    Washcloths like these are not only great for bath but also as cloth wipes for the crunchy mamas out there. Find here

  • FINDING NEMO 4-Piece Bumper

    FINDING NEMO 4-Piece Bumper

    This bumper helps create an underwater feel for the crib! Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Bath Toys

    FINDING NEMO Bath Toys

    Babies are totally fascinated with these little wind-up water toys! These little swimmers will help bath time last a bit longer by keeping baby happy. Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Changing Pad Cover

    FINDING NEMO Changing Pad Cover

    Wouldn’t this cover look fantastic paired with dark furniture? Love a cute changing pad cover! Find here

  • FINDING NEMO Hooded Character Towel

    FINDING NEMO Hooded Character Towel

    Babies will love wearing Nemo on their head and snuggling up after bath time or swim time with this bright colored hooded towel. Find here

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