Dressing Baby for a Summer Party ~ What to Wear?

With the warm weather comes big gatherings, barbecues, birthdays, family gatherings, reunions, and plenty of pool parties. Dressing your baby for a summer party is such fun, especially when you have little frilly dresses, dapper outfits and adorable shoes to choose from. It’s been sweltering over the past couple of weeks, and my son has been running around in some pretty handsome outfits. He has to keep up with his sisters, don’t you know ;).

What I’ve noticed about summer fashions is that you need more of them. Messy play, dripping popsicles, delicious bright berries and dirt are pretty much the four things that take over our summers. I change my son 2-3 times a day because of it. Because of this, you can never have too many summer clothes!

Here are 15 of my favourite picks that are PERFECT for summer parties! An added bonus – they work well for day-to-day play as well. Any of these outfits will guarantee that your baby will be dressed to the nines, regardless of the occasion.

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