Dalmatian love.

Who doesn’t have a huge soft spot for pups? As the proud owner of two sweet puppies, I have a huge place in my heart for any furry friend. The spots on Disney’s Dalmatians have my heart skipping a beat and they will have yours racing as well. Your little guy or little gal will be begging for more of these adorable get-ups! Too cute!

  • puppy love!

    puppy love!

  • pajamas


    Tired out your playful pup? Put them in these playful pajamas! These Disney PJs are comfy-cozy and extra cute! The little spots on the sleeves and the pants have me smitten!

  • pup bodysuit

    pup bodysuit

    Puppy love!!! This cute bodysuit is inspired by the lovable star from 101 Dalmatians! Your little one will be star of the show with this cute outfit on!!

  • slippers


    Your little Dalmatian can’t wait to have his paws in our snug 101 Dalmatians Lucky Slippers. Your tiny one will enjoy taking their first steps in these super cute slippers! There is even an adorable paw print on the bottom of the shoe, too cute!

  • spot love

    spot love

    When your little one wants to do a spot of dressing up, this Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ Personalizable 101 Dalmatians Costume and Cap Set is the perfect choice! Can’t you just see your tiny one in this adorable get-up? You will be begging for more!

  • dog love

    dog love

    This sweet Rolly is sure to stay right by your little one’s side! What a sweet gift to match your little gal or little man’s cute spotted outfits!

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