Baby Princess Headbands: 20 Sparkly & Glamorous Picks

During my first pregnancy, I distinctly remember the moment when I found out I was expecting a girl. My husband cried with happiness (he always wanted a little girl) and I was overjoyed. Thoughts of pink, tulle, glitter and tiaras danced around my head for the 9 months leading up to her birth. When she was born, those notions became a reality and now with two little girls, the pink and glitter has multiplied – so much so that my husband has been known to walk around with glitter on his cheeks and dress shirts.

As you know most babies are born without much hair, so the only way to really dress up their soft little angelic wisps was with headbands. There are so many different variations out there, but lately I’ve noticed an increase in the princess-themed accessory. Click through for 20 of the most glamorous and sparkly picks for your little princess!

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