Little Gentleman: 11 Handsome Bowties

After having 4 girls, I have loads and loads of bows. I am talking tons. My girls are known to always have a headband on or some type of hair accessory. In fact, Sadie was known in the NICU for her adorable headbands, which I always stocked inside her bassinet drawer. The nurses loved dressing her up! A girl’s gotta have her accessories, right? Well, I told everyone my motto of “always leave the house with a bow” wasn’t going to stop just because I was welcoming a little boy. I was all about the bowtie. In fact, before he was even born, Grayson had a good collection and is now definitely well stocked. I have had such fun dressing him up and I never realized that a boy could be just as fun when it came to fashion as little girls. I just love him and all his little bowties. 

Take a look at a few of my favorite from his personal collection and the must-have ones that I just can’t wait to add. Because bowties are just cool.

  • Mix and Match

    Mix and Match

    I loved this fun fabric and pairing it with other patterns like plaid really makes it stand out.

    Buy it from Petite Peanut Boutique

  • Polka Dot

    Polka Dot

    A stylish polka dot pattern in a bold color is just too perfect.

    Buy it from Tadpole and Lily

  • Everyday Bowtie

    Everyday Bowtie

    Everyone needs a little chevron in their life! Including your baby boy. Perfect for everyday wear.

    Buy it from Woven Shop

  • Modern Style

    Modern Style

    The modern blue and cream geometric print is what caught my eye.

    Buy it from Woven Shop

  • Smile


    See, even Grayson loves looking handsome!

    Buy it from Lou Embres

  • Bowtie Suspender Set

    Bowtie Suspender Set

    Super-chic for your little gentleman! I adore this modern set.

    Buy it from The Snappy Sapling

  • Fun Arrow Print

    Fun Arrow Print

    I love the designer organic fabric and adorable arrow pattern in a great arrangement of colors.

    Buy it from Plum Lovelies

  • Just Adorable

    Just Adorable

    The cutest mini-polka dot bowtie in a dark chocolate.

    Buy it from Lovely Willow

  • Plaid Bowtie, Vest Included

    Plaid Bowtie, Vest Included

    Oh my word! I know it’s more than a bowtie but chevron vest mixed with the plaid bowtie is the perfect ensemble.

    Buy it from Laddies and Lasses

  • Striped Bowtie

    Striped Bowtie

    A simple, classic striped bowtie is a must-have in your little man’s wardrobe.

    Buy it from Foxy Fawn

  • A Few Days Old

    A Few Days Old

    This was taken just a few days after he was born. I couldn’t wait to try this bodysuit with interchangeable bowtie on him. I just love it!

    Buy it from Lou Embres

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