10 Of The Sweetest Sandals & Barefoot Shoes For Babies

Newborn babies and young infants don’t require the support that a well structured shoe would provide, because their feet don’t touch the ground until they get more mobile. When the heat is as intense as it has been over the last few weeks, the last thing you want to do is cover those toes, as overheating can become an issue. Sandals on the other hand, well, they are quite a bit cooler and more suitable for the warmer months.

These sandals are my all-time favorite picks for newborns because they are just oh-so-sweet. I mean, how can you possibly resist these Barefoot Baby Sandals? Are they not the cutest ‘sandals’ you have ever seen?

Here are10 pairs of baby sandals that provide a soft covering for your baby’s tender tootsies. Although it’s extremely hard to pick favorites, I am partial to the Barefoot Sandals and Crocheted Flip Flops. How about you?

  • DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals From Zuzii

    DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals From Zuzii

    If you are good with your hands and love to craft, these DIY sandals might be straight up your alley. They are quite possibly, my favorite pair of them all!
    I am a big fan of Zuzii and their new handmade OOII DIY Kit is just too cute for words. The kit has everything you need to make your own pair of shoes and comes ready for gifting. Price: $10.00

  • Crochet Flip Flops

    Crochet Flip Flops

    The double-layered soles on these crocheted flip flop sandals are made from jute, making them flexible yet sturdy. I love how the back strap keeps them in place! Price: $24.00

  • Puppy Face Barefoot Sandals

    Puppy Face Barefoot Sandals

    Excited little boys who like to grab their toes, won’t be able to pull these sandals off! Because of the stretchy elastic ribbon, there is little chance your baby will be able to budge these precious puppies . :) Price: $7.95

  • Tulle Barefoot Sandals

    Tulle Barefoot Sandals

    Do you have any special celebrations to attend this summer? These shoes are fashionable and party ready! A beautiful plum and black tulle flower is attached to a soft and stretchy band to keep them on your baby’s foot. Price: $13.95

  • Ivory and Gold Strappy Sandals

    Ivory and Gold Strappy Sandals

    Gold shoes fit for a princess! The rhinestone detail on these delicate beauties add sparkle to the flower details and I just love the ribbons. The shoes come as a set with a matching headband.

    Price: $12.00

  • DIY Baby Thong Sandals

    DIY Baby Thong Sandals

    If you love to crochet, this might be a great project to try. The multi-colored design on these Baby Thong Sandals are bright and perfect for matching with summer outfits. Price: $4.25

  • White Lacy Barefoot Baby Sandals

    White Lacy Barefoot Baby Sandals

    I don’t know whether it is the toe loop or the frilly crocheted flower, or those adorable baby toes, but these shoes just take my breath away. The sandal is secured by placing the toe loop around the baby’s second toe and then tying the two straps around the back of the ankle. Price: $18.00

  • Pink Ruffled Baby Barefoot Sandals

    Pink Ruffled Baby Barefoot Sandals

    If you would prefer to purchase your own pair of frilly flower sandals, these barefoot numbers are made from a soft stretchy fabric and come in sizes ranging from 0-18 months. Price: $14.95

  • Crocheted Baby Thong Sandals

    Crocheted Baby Thong Sandals

    White is gender neutral and so are these fancied up thong style sandals. The soles are doubled for added structure and the back is semi-closed so that you don’t have to worry about losing a shoe. Price: $18.00

  • Simple Strap Crochet Baby Sandals

    Simple Strap Crochet Baby Sandals

    Baby boys would look spiffy in these stylish sandals. The outer side sports button closures and there is a loop strap along the backside. Price: $14.00

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