Winnie the Pooh Interactive Story Buddy

Two of my daughter’s favorite things on the planet are reading books and Disney anything, so I’m quite certain that she would think this Winnie the Pooh Interactive Story Buddy was pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. I actually didn’t know she knew who Winnie the Pooh was until yesterday when we were watching a YouTube video a Disney parade and she suddenly said, “Pooh! Tigga!” Apparently she knows who Tigger is too. But I digress…more about this super cool story buddy.


Here’s what the Winnie the Pooh Interactive Story Buddy does. He comes with a book (the first in what will be a series) and when your child sits down to read this story, Pooh will respond along to key phrases in the book and your child will be totally entranced by the magic of a talking Pooh bear.

You can find this cute little reading bear at Hallmark and watch a video of him in action here. So, so adorable and definitely something that I know my daughter would want on her Christmas list!

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