Where Does Your Baby Sleep?

Noah slept in a bassinet for about a minute before taking up residency in the middle of our bed. His sleeping place of choice was right in the nook of mom’s arm, with one hand clutching my shirt.

And I loved it — until he turned about 5 months, that is.

I’m a firm believer that the best sleeping arrangement, however, is the one where the most people are getting the most sleep — and we were losing a lot of sleep once Noah started twisting and spinning and stretching out. My mommy senses were already heightened at the time — on full alert for SIDS signs, or even the slightest whimper — so his changing sleep habits were pretty challenging around the 5-month point.

So we decided to put him in his crib, all the way across the hall (my heart!) and — dun, dun-dun-DUN — he slept through the night. Hands were thrown in the air, glasses were clinked, high-fives were exchanged.

But Benjamin is a little different:

Benjamin has spent most of his naps strapped to mama’s chest, so he’s most comfortable curled up with a warm body. He also co-sleeps (like Noah did), but in a portable co-sleeper that my sister curls up next to every night.

Except now that Ben is crossing the 6-month mark, it’s about time for the crib.

He might look peaceful here, but it didn’t take long for him to wake up in need of his mommy. He just isn’t taking to the crib like Noah did, and still craves more skin-on-skin contact.

And is there anything wrong with that?

So I’m wondering: Where does your baby sleep? What works best for your family? And when did your baby start sleeping in the crib?

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