When You Take a Toddler Strawberry Picking…

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Strawberry season is upon us which means the next two weeks will include daily trips to our local strawberry patch, lots of freezer jam making, strawberry pies and plenty of sliced berries for snacking on. Tonight’s dinner is already planned. We’re having dinner for breakfast – Pancakes With Strawberries and Syrup. Yum!

For us, strawberry picking marks the official beginning of summer. They are, in essence, sweet little nuggets of summer goodness. Last year, my son went picking but he wasn’t as sturdy on his feet as he is now. He was 10 months old and had *just* started to walk, so I would carry him through the patches and sit him down to pick his own.

This year, he literally ran to the patches and.. well, watch my Story to see what happened next ;).

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