What’s Your Baby’s Nickname?

It’s no surprise I call my kids almost anything except their actual names. I grew up being called “Pinky Lee” and “Beanie”. I got to wondering if I was the only one who’s nickname happy (which is ironic since I purposely gave all three of my kids “nickname-proof” names), so I asked around. Here were some of the fun ones (and utterly adorable pics) my friends shared.

  • Bella ... or Zilla?

    Bella ... or Zilla?

    Rose says back when Sloan was born, her almost-3-year-old brother named her “Sloanabella” because he thought she was beautiful. Fast forward a few months — to when she began knocking over every creation he built — and her name became “Sloanazilla”.

  • A Precious Pirate

    A Precious Pirate

    Erin says, “My son Sam had a spot in the iris of his right eye since birth. We’ve embraced it and incorporated it into his pirate name, ‘Spotted-Eye Sam’. And his brother is ‘Pelican Jack’. Don’t all young boys have pirate names and go on treasure hunts through the house?”

  • One Little Chick-a-dee

    One Little Chick-a-dee

    Kimberly of Pier to Peer says, “We call our daughter ‘Chicken’ — ‘Chicky’ for short. When she was born, she was SO tiny that she was like a scrawny chicken. It just kinda stuck. She even dressed up as one for her second Halloween.”

  • Sister Says ...

    Sister Says ...

    When Tony’s youngest was two, she couldn’t say her big sister Gwyneth’s name. So she called her GooGoo.

  • Rhymes With ...

    Rhymes With ...

    Disney Baby’s Janssen says, “We call our daughter ‘the Bolland’ (it rhymes with her real first name), and have almost since the day she came home from the hospital. Even when she’s not around, we refer to her this way, and it makes us both laugh a little every time!”

  • An Itty Bitty One

    An Itty Bitty One

    Aimee says, “Our daughter was born 5 weeks early at just 4lbs, 4oz. She was, fortunately, healthy and headed home with us just 4 days after my c-section at a whopping 3lbs, 14oz. Instead of Elisabeth we called her “A-little-bit” because she was this tiny, delicate package.”

  • You'll Eat This One Up ...

    You'll Eat This One Up ...

    Jen says, “Tatum’s big brother calls her ‘Tater Tot’.”

  • Bub-alicious


    Disney Baby’s Becka says, “For some reason our son is nicknamed Bubs. Not quite sure how it happened. Once day we just realized we were calling him that. It started out as ‘Bub’. Then ‘Bubs’. Now we’ve made it more official and call him ‘The Bubs’. Everyone calls him that now, even our friends! There are a bunch of different spin offs too … Bubberson, Bubsy Bubs … Ha! Somehow, it just fits.”

  • Cute and Cuter

    Cute and Cuter

    Scott says they call Lily Bee either “Lilu” or “BeeBee”. (Both cute as a button … just like she is!)

  • Mama's Girl

    Mama's Girl

    Disney Baby’s Mary Lauren calls her cutie pie “Kitty”.

  • Anything and Everything

    Anything and Everything

    Munchkin. Munchie. Munchie Moo. Buds. Buddy Boy. There’s no end to the embarrassing names I call my biggest baby (who’s now 6?!).

  • Watch Out For ...

    Watch Out For ...

    My middle one’s nickname, ‘DestructoBaby’, was hard earned. He destroyed everything in his path — including this Christmas ornament, just seconds after this seemingly innocent picture was taken.

  • She's the Baby

    She's the Baby

    While her pen name is Pink — which would be an adorable nickname — I’ve gotten very lazy with baby #3. Baby. Baby Girl. Baby Ray. (Chances are she’ll never live down her role as baby of the family at this rate.)

What’s your baby’s nickname? And why?

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