What Your Baby Wants Most This Christmas...

Is you! No toy, no game, no app; absolutely nothing can replace the company of you. I was reminded of this yet again today, after taking the entire day to do nothing but hang out and play with my little ones.

We didn’t do anything over the top. There were no ornate outings planned; in fact they stayed in their pajamas all day! We read stories, we coloured, we made simple meals together, and had lots of cuddles and tumbling around and tickle attacks.The most popular game of the day however was…


…hide and seek in the curtains! We played it several times today, it increasingly became the thing they asked to do every couple of hours. 

Those shrieks of joy and the adoration and love that they showered upon me as if to reward me for my undivided attention did things to my buzzed-out adult brain. I was reminded once again that there are no big ticket toys that I could purchase that will compare to me as their partner in play.

I didn’t get the laundry done and the house is rather a disaster, but I feel more satisfied and accomplished as a mother than I have in a while, in trying to keep on top of everything looking perfect. Less that, more hide and seek, every day if I can.

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