Water Games For Babies & Toddlers: 4 Fun Ideas & Activities

The bath is one of my son’s favorite places to play. He loves to splash and has no problem with water getting in his face. The only issue I have with his bath play is that he doesn’t like to get out! Since it has been so hot outside, my son’s baths have been cool and lukewarm. Between the beach, his blow up pool, and the bath, we’ve been playing several games that he absolutely loves. They are cheap, free and I can almost guarantee your baby will love them!

Safety Tip: NEVER leave your baby unattended as they can drown in even just a couple of inches of water. Also, be sure that they are well covered and protected with a sun hat and sunscreen.


  • 1. Bucket Play

    1. Bucket Play

    I took my kids on a road trip last week and we spent the afternoon beach hopping in my hometown. My son was completely entranced with a bucket and shovel that we had brought. Shoveling the sand and mixing it into the water kept him busy for 30 minutes – I kid you not!

  • 2. Pull Out The Sprinkler

    2. Pull Out The Sprinkler

    Turn the sprinkler on the lowest setting and watch your baby play with the individual streams of water. Turn to a higher setting for toddlers as they love to run through the “sprinkles” as my daughter likes to call them.

  • 3. Kiddie Pool Fun

    3. Kiddie Pool Fun

    If you don’t have a kiddie pool, you can easily pick one up at your local hardware or department store for very little money. We have had ours for years – it was a gift from one of our neighbors. Fill it up 1/4-1/2 way with water and let your baby splash their little heart out. This is also great for moms who want to cool off. Pull up a lawn chair and put your feet in for an instant cool-down.

  • 4. Bath Toys Are Not Just For The Bath

    4. Bath Toys Are Not Just For The Bath

    Bath Toys are not just for the tub, so bring your baby’s favorites outside! These adorable tumblers are great for play both in and out of the water as are these cute squirtees .

What are YOUR favorite water games to play with babies?

Photo credit: Flickr/Julie, Dave & Family, Nadia Carriere and Flickr/RebeccaLeeP

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