VIDEO: Lola’s Giggles

I am continuously amused and amazed by all of the sounds that come out of the chunky legged body of my 7 ½ month old. From grunts to coos to the rhythmic sound of her nursing as I hold her in my arms. From the little poofs of gas she passes, the loud cries that make my heart ache to the soft sounds of her breaths as she slumbers. And then there are the babbles. She says mama you know. Actually more like “ma ma, ma ma” but that’s just a variation of mama. It’s also quite sweet and causes my heart to leap with excitement. But the sweetest of all sounds are the giggles. She’s been laughing for some time now her chuckles seemingly more intense as she gets bigger. Her daddy, big sister, and I love trying to make her laugh so we can watch as her cheeks grow big and her mouth opens wide to reveal two tiny teeth. We smile big too as the harmonious sound of baby laughter fills the room and our hearts.

baby laughing

On the night before a family trip my husband recorded Lola laughing on his phone. While it isn’t the most crisp and clear video it is too sweet not to share. In fact, it ranks among our best footage to date. He made her laugh and laugh and laugh (approximately 45 seconds). She had laughed before but never quite like this. I imagine he will be making her let out those cute belly laughs for years to come. Take a look and listen:

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What is your favorite sound to hear your baby make?

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