Trend Alert! 2013’s Top Hipster Baby Names

It’s been a while since I put together a baby name list, and I don’t know why I let it go by the wayside – I love putting these together! Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting email notifications and noticing a trend on the top baby name websites (all sourced and linked below the slideshow), for hipster baby names. So, this is a thing. 

Hipster baby names, which you might be inclined to think is just another word for ‘trendy’, but oh no – hipster is of a whole other status on the ricketier scale of what’s trendy didn’t you know.

At any rate, even if you are looking to avoid hipster baby names, I’m here to humbly suggest that my list curated from all of the big ones on the internet – may have captured the sweetest, non-ludicrous ones in the bunch.

  • Charming & Trendy...

    Charming & Trendy...

    This is my personal round-up selected from the top baby name websites on the internets! (Also, if you find that photo as ridiculously adorable as I do, know that you can purchase the crochet pattern to make the outfit on Etsy via Darling Derriere)

  • 15 of my favourite picks...

    15 of my favourite picks...

    …chosen from all of the top hipster baby name lists on the web!

  • Billie


    I love this one for it’s major icon status. Billy Holiday after the late great jazz singer songwriter. She is well loved and listened to around here. Not to mention that famous song by MJ, that we all know and love.

  • Ella


    Meaning: beautiful faery woman. A delicate and definitely feminine choice.

  • Finley


    This name was on our short-list for either a boy or girl (huge fan of gender neutral names). Hailing from Scotland, it means fair warrior.

  • Flora


    This is a decidedly girly choice, meaning (you guessed it), ‘flower’. It’s origins are of Latin descent and mythologically speaking Flora was the name of the Roman goddess for springtime. A lovely choice for this time of year!

  • Frankie


    Some might argue that this is a boy’s name – but hey, I didn’t put it on the master lists, I just made sure it made it from there into mine. I actually adore ‘boys’ names for girls, like Rae, Arlo, Jude and Billie, which is also on this list.

  • Hazel


    Old school represent. Retro names are making a big come-back on the baby name front, many of which I am not a fan of – but this one made my list. For some reason, it just rolls off of the tongue for me and beckons to grace, wit and spark. But that’s just me.

  • Isla


    A beautiful name, short and sweet – yet dignified. It’s of Scottish origins, meaning, island.

  • Maisie


    Sweet, nut not overtly so. Another old-school charmer that resonates with me. Hailing from the Greeks, it is said to mean pearl.

  • Marlo


    Movie-star and internets illuminati status this one. And the name of a certain famous mommy-blogger to start all mommy-blogging. (Arguably?)

  • Piper


    Suitable for a boy or girl (yes, yes – we’ve talked about this), Piper comes from ye Olde English and it literally means pipe player. I think it’s quirky and rather endearing.

  • Roxie


    One of my long-time BFFs named her daughter this, so I may be partial. Origin: Persian, meaning dawn.

  • Sadie


    I might have a thing for girl names ending in ‘ie’. Other than that, this timeless classic is also the name of one of my dear friend’s daughters who I’ve watched grow from a wee toddler into a willowy, super-smart, gorgeous warrior in the making. So, suffice to say I fully agree with this name’s ‘popular’ status.

  • Willa


    More old-school as the new-school! Of Old German origin, this one is for tough cookies who don’t mess around. It literally means protection.

  • Zooey


    One of my all-time favorite baby names which always seems to make it onto every popular baby name list, every year. Perhaps it’s made hipster status this year because of you know who. Oh come on, you know, Ms. Deschanel. She is the ultimate hipster girl after all.

  • 15 of my favourite picks...

    15 of my favourite picks...

    …chosen from all of the top hipster baby name lists on the web!

  • Asher


    Yes, I like this name. Is it okay that I’m not sure why? I just think it’s sweet and dapper. Sometimes that’s all you need when choosing a baby name, instead of over-thinking and analyzing it. Plus, this is yet another that I think is great for a boy or a girl.

  • Finn


    The amount of babies who have been named Finn or Finley in the past 5 years? A LOT. Which, clearly I have no problem with, given that my daughter’s name is Abigail. A great gender neutral choice.

  • Hugo


    C’mon, a little newborn baby boy, all fresh and wrinkly sporting the name, Hugo? Too precious. You should know that it means bright in mind and spirit so don’t be too quick to knock it. Unless of course you are already a fan, then hi! Let’s be friends.

  • Jasper


    Oh, I adore this name. Origin: Greece. Meaning: treasure holder! So yes, what I’m saying is that if you name your baby Jasper, you’ll get all the shiny things.

  • Kai


    A rather sprightly name, this one hails from many origins. The Welsh, Scandinavian (oh so hip!) and Greeks deemed it to mean keeper of the keys; keeper of the earth. I like. Also know as beautiful in South Africa and, ‘the sea’ in Hawaii.

  • Lennon


    Yes, of course this name is the bees knees. Anyone who names their kid after this great Beatle (although, let it be said that George was my favourite, may he RIP, I’m definitely not knocking the many fine and genius traits of John).

  • Levi


    Another fave of mine, this is a Hebrew name meaning, ‘joined to’.

  • Luca


    A handsome name, hailing form Italy – Luciana Italy, specifically. Baby names that are places is also quite big this year. As are months of the year.

  • Max


    Some say this is a pet name, not a baby name but I like it. It has pizazz. Yes, I just said that.

  • Miles


    Another trend you may have noticed running throughout those deemed hipster enough? Naming your baby after famous jazz and motown musicians. Huge.

  • Oscar


    This, surprisingly (why? I don’t know), is of Scandinavian descent. Meaning: ‘divine strength’. So. Also famously known after Oscar Wilde, the slightly tortured (aren’t they all?) Irish writer and poet.

  • Otis


    Mr. Redding. Another famous blues/jazz/motown musician. I rest my case.

  • Rufus


    Origin: Latin. Meaning: red, ruddy. This is a name you can dig into. It has character.

  • Scout


    Another gender neutral choice, I think this name is adorable – but not too much so. A very good friend of mine named her son this and that child? PURE honey and fire. So pretty much nothing you can say about not naming your children after questionable, tortured writers, will sway me from loving this name.

  • Zane


    A mighty name of Hebrew origin, literally meaning, ‘God’s gift’. As all babies truly are.

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