Top 8 Breastfeeding Essentials for Nursing Moms

It’s true that you really don’t need anything to breastfeed your baby. However, in my experience I have found some items quite helpful! From the first few days of nursing to extended nursing in the toddler stage, here are my top 8 breastfeeding must-haves…

  1. Breastfeeding pillow – This is extremely helpful in the beginning when both you and your baby are learning to figure things out.
  2. Nursing bra – I like the stretchy, cup-less wireless kind.
  3. Nursing tank – These are amazing and make breastfeeding in public a cinch.
  4. Breast pads – Some women leak only during the first few weeks of nursing, while others leak for months. Nursing pads are a must!
  5. Lanolin – This and other nipple creams keep your nipples soft and help with any pain you might experience.
  6. Water – I have found this to be the single most important substance for maintaining a healthy milk supply.
  7. Breastfeeding book – This was essential when I had my first baby. From learning positions and troubleshooting problems to asking questions and understanding the mindset of a nursing mother, this book was my bible!
  8. Your lactation consultant’s phone number – The biggest mistake I’ve ever made while breastfeeding was not getting help when I should have. LCs are amazing and can help you around any problem you may encounter.
Are you a nursing mom? What are your must-have breastfeeding items?

Lacy is a wife, mom, teacher, and dreamer, determined to live a BIG life in a simple way. She writes at Living on Love where she shares inspiration for doing just that. From great recipes and fun projects to adventures in the outdoors and experiences in parenting, Lacy believes in living a meaningful life on a daily basis. In addition to her blog, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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