The Unique Way We’re Preparing Our Toddler for a New Baby

The weeks are quickly ticking away leading up to the arrival of our new baby and aside from all of the usual getting ready for baby type tasks, we’ve also been in the process of preparing our toddler for the changes that are going to take place. I’ve read up on tips from others and tried to implement as many as possible, but I still didn’t feel like any of my tactics were working to get my daughter excited about the birth of her baby brother. When we would ask her about her baby brother she would either brush us off or respond with, “No. I don’t manna baby brother. I manna baby sister.” We’ve been hoping to find a way to get her to buy into the idea of a sibling…we’ve watched YouTube videos about babies growing in utero and read books about being a big sister, practiced with her dolls…but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference. Then one night during our bed time routine and idea came to me as a fluke, so I tried it…and it worked! Ever since that night my toddler has been getting more and more excited to meet her baby brother. Wanna know the secret?

The Unique Way We're Preparing Our Toddler For a New Baby - Disney Baby

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I told her a pre-bed time “Fernie and Clive” story. Sometimes when I tuck her in, my daughter Fern requests a story. She always reads a few books with her Daddy before heading to bed, but occasionally she requests my made up mama stories once she’s tucked in. So, I said I would tell her a story about her and her baby brother and the fun adventures they were going to have together once he got a little bit bigger. She said she would like a story about Fernie and baby brother Clive going to the zoo, so that’s what I gave her. I made up dialogue between the two and was sure to emphasize moments when Fern got to be the heroine because Clive was little and needed her help (i.e. “Clive was a little scared of the crocodiles, but Fernie said, ‘It’s OK Clive. I’ll protect you – that’s what big sisters do.'”)

I didn’t really expect it to make much of an impact, but for some reason it did and almost every night since she has requested a “Fernie and Clive” story and each night we choose a different adventure for them to go on. She’s also been showing more interest in talking about Baby Brother and sometimes she’ll even pop over and talk to my belly – usually shouting “Hi Baby Brother!” It’s pretty cute.

Obviously we’ll probably still have our challenges once we have a new baby and I’m sure there will be an adjustment period, but it makes me happy that we finally found a way to get her excited and involved when it comes to her little brother.

Maybe making up some sibling stories would work wonders for your little one too!

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