The Rubber Band Trick Keeping Me In My Favorite Jeans During Pregnancy

I love a growing pregnancy belly just as much as the next expecting mom. This huge curve growing beneath my heart is slowly filling with my newest baby that I’m already madly in love with. The only downside of my growing belly is that it pushes me out of my favorite jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love maternity jeans. Really, I do! They’re so comfy. But my favorite jeans? They’re my favorite! In one of my previous pregnancies I had seen this tip and use it often to keep me in my favorite blue jeans well into my third trimester.


I dress modestly for my religion, so my long and loose tops have suited me just fine during my pregnancy thus far. Unfortunately, my jeans haven’t been as accommodating. Sometimes my maternity jeans still slip, so I reach for my trusty blues and a rubber band hair tie.

You simply take a rubber band (or hair tie), slip it through the button hole, create a loop, then send the other end of the rubber band through the loop and over the button. This obviously works best and you can pull this off if you’re wearing a longer top.  They stay in place and I get to wear my trusty and comfy favorite jeans while waddling through the aisles swooning over tiny newborn clothes.

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