the “non traditional” blankie.

Recently I wrote this post and it got me thinking… maybe there are a lot of little ones that have “non traditional” lovies! This is a really adorable roundup of little ones with the silly and sweet items that soothe them on a daily basis!

  • not the

    not the "norm"

    When little ones fall in love with “lovies” that are “not the norm”!

  • her spoon

    her spoon

    “My daughter’s name is Magnolia Bleux (Blue) but we call her Nola. She turned 1 on October 13th and a few days after her first tooth began popping out, however she has been teething forever! I’m not sure how it started but we gave her a spoon that had been sitting in cold water one day to teeth on and it quickly became her teether of choice. But oddly enough she really likes spoons, so much that she sleeps holding her spoony.”

  • pillowcase


    My son, Aiden, has an old pillowcase named “two ba” this is his love!

  • towel


    “This is Rocco Stormann. He is 2 years old and we live in Cleveland, Oh. His ‘lovey’ is a cloth diaper and he is usually has it shoved in his mouth! He is calls it his ‘towel’. He definitely uses it at naps, car rides, & night time, but can also be found just carrying it around! He asks for it (‘Rocco towel now, please’), if his daddy or I aren’t being responsive enough!
    We are in good shape in case we lose one (and trust me, we have) because we have plenty of back ups!! I try to buy a new pack every 6 months or so and then use the older ones for rags!”

  • daddy


    “Miles is 8 months old, and so is just starting to like a “lovie” when he is tired.  He has a monkey, a bear, and a puppy, but by far, his favorite lovie is his Daddy.  Any time he comes close Miles pops his little thumb in his mouth, snuggles in, and becomes completely content.”

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  • speedbump


    “Attached is a picture of Colten Harris when he was about 1 1/2 years old…circa 1995.  In his lap is a stuffed armadillo named Speedbump.  Being from Texas, armadillos were a big deal!”

  • cat costume

    cat costume

    “It wasn’t Elias’ fault that he fell in love! It just happened. As soon as my two year old son met a few cats at his Grandma’s house he fixated on them. Because he is completely enamored with these fuzzy four-legged creatures with tails, I thought it would be fun to buy him a cat costume. I had no idea it would turn into his new “lovie”. It has become something that he sleeps with, eats with, plays in, talks about, and wears until I command that it be taken off to be washed.”

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  • dishrags


    “Despite my best efforts to get my son to cuddle up with his teddy bear, he seems to prefer using two dish rags as his loveys. He grabs a couple from the kitchen and hugs them in one arm as he toddles around. Occasionally he’ll stop to wipe the floor or the tv or the table before nuzzling them up to his face. And of course he sleeps with them! He even chose to take a dish rag into surgery with him instead of a blanket or his bear. The rag did come in handy though- he used it to wipe my tears pre-surgery (he knows the way to a mama’s heart!).”

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  • tails


    “Lucia’s ‘lovie’ is any stuffed animal with a tail or body part that will fit in her ear. It doesn’t really matter which animal it is, as long as it has a tail.”

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  • ears


    “Adelyn’s is her thumb and an ear. ANY ear. Usually it’s just her own when she’s falling asleep, but if anyone is in reach, she’s rubbing it, while sucking her thumb. Her and Craig were having a movie night on the floor and when I looked over, like clockwork, she had her thumb in her mouth and hand on his ear. It’s one of those things that I will miss when she is big.”

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  • soccer jersey

    soccer jersey

    “Here’s a picture of Charlie sleeping with all his lovies including the jersey and weii remote.  He slept with them, swam with them and even walked down the aisle of a wedding he was in this summer with them. “

  • pinches


    “My 2 year old’s lovie is tender little pinches! Sounds a little weird but she loves to snuggle up to me and gently pinch my skin. It never fails, she does it everytime. We call it “baby love pinches”. She will do it to her Daddy & even some of my really close family and friends. It is the sweetest little gesture. I was able to catch this picture of her doing it once to me while we were cuddling for a nap. You can see how her little fingers are right in the middle of pinching! We think it’s a little random because we still haven’t met anyone else who has a little that does the same thing but we also find it to be heart-warming and precious.”

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