The Most Affordable Booster Seat Around That Converts into a Backless!

My daughter rejoiced when she was finally able to switch over to a booster seat. She couldn’t wait to get out of her “baby seat” as she called it and the extra room made her extremely happy. My 4-year-old is just about ready for the same switch and has been nagging me about it for weeks now. I like to keep them in a traditional car seat for as long as I possibly can, but she’s grown quite a bit over the summer, and I think it’s time we made the switch.

Booster seats still provide protection, but there is so much more room for growing kids. Disney Baby happens to have a couple of seats suited for boys and girls.

The Pronto! Belt-Positioning Booster is specifically designed for children who weigh between 30 and 100 lbs and measure between 34 and 57 inches tall. The headrest is adjustable, so it is suited for a growing child. Another nice feature is the slide-out cup and snack holder. One of the best features of this seat (in my opinion) is how it easily converts into a backless booster seat. It’s like getting 2 seats in one!

The seat is available in two different styles a Minnie Mouse pink and white polka dot version as well as the CARS style featured above. This seat is perfect for your little racer and offers the same specs as the Minnie Mouse booster. The only difference is of course, the fabric which in this case is a combination of black, a grey auto-inspired print and a decal of Lightening McQueen.

Both seats are available now through Sam’s Club and will run you approximately $35.98 each.

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