The Mess That Is (and Always Will Be) Our Playroom

Each night as my husband puts our daughter to bed, I spend 20 minutes cleaning up the playroom. We haven’t quite reached the “clean it up yourself” stage but we’re getting there. It’s become such a routine nowadays, I don’t think much about it anymore. The other night, however, I had a realization about that messy room…

I was taking apart a tower of blocks and it made me smile from ear to ear. These toys that lay all over the floor were like her artwork. It was easy to see a day full of work and imagination. I picked up each puppet and remembered her beaming smile as she shoved them through her puppet theatre making them sing and dance. I cleaned up the chalk on the floor and saw the picture she drew on the chalkboard that looked like a bunch of scribbles, which she so proudly announced was “Hot Dog” (aka Mickey Mouse). You see, the mess she makes represents the fun of childhood. I now try to take those 20 minutes of cleaning each night and reflect back on the things she did that day. Because really, at the end of the day a messy playroom seems to hold much more love than one that hasn’t been played in at all.


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