The 10 Special Talents of Magical Moms

You might call her supermom; you might wonder at how she does it all. It’s true: When women become moms, they seem to develop supernatural skills for managing it all. Here are 10 special talents that I’ve developed since becoming a mom…

mom and toddler
1. The art of one-handed cooking (Because littles want to be held… all…the…time)
2. Showering in 5 minutes flat (In, out, done!)
3. Delicious slow cooker dinners (Who can tell you didn’t spend hours slaving away?)
4. Nap time productivity to rival the experts
5. Building a wardrobe of cute clothes that can be spit up on and not ruined (Hello cotton!)
6. Being prepared for any and all possible situations at the drop of a hat
7. Perfect fever gauge talents (If they are even 1 degree off, you can tell)
8. The art of light sleeping (Did the baby just hiccup?)
9. How to change a diaper in 10 seconds flat!
10. How to love so much it hurts (In the best way possible)

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