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Have you seen this brilliant new trend? Closet nurseries are getting more and more attention as design savvy moms and dads who are short on spare rooms transform a spare closet into an amazing little nursery for an infant. It’s brilliant really since babies are hardly ever in their rooms and don’t need much space at all. Click through these amazing small places and get inspired!

  • Nursery in a Closet

    Nursery in a Closet

    So you want to have a baby but you don’t have any spare bedrooms? Not a problem! Why not convert an extra closet into a tiny nursery. Click through for inspiring closet nurseries!

  • A Tiny Temporary Nursery

    These creative parents transformed their master bedroom’s walk-in-closet into a tiny temporary nursery for their new baby. Brilliant!


  • Creating Space Where There Isn't Any

    This talented mom transformed an extra walk-in closet into a gorgeous nursery full of whimsy. Her tip? Use monochromatic colors to make the space feel bigger than it is and don’t clutter the walls.

    via Apartment Therapy

  • Under The Sea, In The Closet

    This world-traveling mom brought the outside in by decorating with all kinds of ocean inspired items to create a calm and relaxing (albeit small) space. Brilliant!

    via Apartment Therapy

  • Serene Small Space

    This serene and classic nursery was made from an old walk-in-closet. This mom’s special trick? Painting the changing table the same color as the walls so visually it disappears. Brilliant!

    Domino Magazine via A List Baby

  • Simple and Modern Small Space

    Babies don’t need a ton of space when they first arrive so if you don’t have space to spare, no worries. Check out this simple and modern nursery in an extra closet.

    via Project Nursery

  • A Shared Closet Space

    How absolutely brilliant is this closet space for two siblings created by Jordan Ferney of the blog Oh Happy Day?

    via Oh Happy Day

  • NYC Nursery Idea

    When you live in a big city, sometimes you just don’t have the extra space. Natalie from Nat The Fat Rat brilliantly transformed an extra closet into a cozy little room for her son, Huck.

    via Nat The Fat Rat


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