Sweet Minnie Flat Fold Deluxe High Chair

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Sweet Minnie Flat Fold Deluxe High Chair for free.

When you live in a smallish place like we do, anything that comes in has to fit in certain places. We don’t have an overwhelming amount of space so we have to be very considerate of that. Even something as simple as a high chair. Where will it go? Does it fit in the kitchen? Does it fold? All questions we asked before deciding on one.

The Sweet Minnie Flat Fold Deluxe High Chair was made for us! It’s comfortable and well, most importantly it folds away nicely.

Take a look at its great features and cute pattern!

  • Sweet Minnie Flat Fold Deluxe High Chair

    Bring more style to mealtime with help from Minnie Mouse. Your little one gets the most fashionable seat at the table with this flat fold deluxe high chair. And don’t worry when the meal gets messy. Clean up is simple with the easy-wipe seat pad. Best of all, the compact fold and lightweight design make storage and travel a breeze.

    Purchase at Walmart

  • Comfy and stylish

    Comfy and stylish

    You can’t go wrong with the pink and gray tones. Nope.

  • Minnie is in the details!

    Minnie is in the details!

    Minnie is always front and center — never mind the food stains!

  • Fold it away!

    Fold it away!

    This is why we chose this chair — we can fold it away and it doesn’t take up room in our home. Bonus!

  • Foot rest

    Foot rest

    She’s just barely touching, but soon enough she will be placing her feet comfortably on the pink foot rest.

  • Just the right fit

    Just the right fit

    She fits in the chair well and there is still enough room as she continues to grow.

  • Not too big, not too small

    Not too big, not too small

    This chair is just the right size for our home — not taking up too much room in the small kitchen and dining area.

  • Sibling meal times

    Sibling meal times

    Both the 4-year-old and Little L can enjoy meal times together.

  • Comfy back rest

    Comfy back rest

    Comfy and super cushiony back rest for our little ones!

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