Racing Flag Sandwich Tray

This edible racing flag makes a great savory snack to serve at a Cars-themed baby shower. Created from bite-size sandwich squares, it’s ready to fly in lightning speed.


You’ll need:

  • White or light whole wheat bread
  • Pumpernickel bread
  • Bread knife
  • Sandwich spread (your store-bought favorite or a homemade recipe)
  • Butter knife


1. Cut off the crusts from several slices of both types of bread (you can save the crusts to make bread crumbs later). Then cut the slices into 2-inch squares. Note: To make a flag the same size as the one shown here, you’ll need two dozen whole wheat squares plus two dozen pumpernickel.

2. Top each whole wheat square with a dollop of sandwich spread and then press a pumpernickel square on top.

3. Arrange the mini sandwiches in rows on a serving tray alternating the type of bread that faces up, as shown.

For more Cars fun, check out the official Cars site.

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