Our Sophomore Summer To Do List

Last summer I posted a list of things I wanted to do with our new baby and called it our “Rookie Summer To-Do List”. I think I did a pretty good job of making those things happen. Although now that I’m a year older and wiser I can see that maybe my list was a bit overzealous for a 5 month old. Ha! Now our son is almost a year and a half old so our options are so much more fun this year and I’ve already been thinking about what we’ll put on our summer to-do list this year. Click through to see the fun that we’re planning on having this year…

baby eating watermelon

Our Sophomore Summer To-Do List:

1. Go To a Pool Party

2. Try Popsicles

3. Go Swimming at the Springs

4. Take a Gymnastics Class

5. Visit the Children’s Museum

6. Visit the Aquarium

7. Play With Bubbles

8. Go On a Roadtrip

9. Go To a Splashpad

10. Sign up for Swim Lessons

What are your plans for this upcoming summer? Do you have any fun ideas for things to try with your baby?

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