Our Disney Inspired Family Halloween Costumes Over the Years

For the past few years, Disney has had a huge influence on our costume choices as a family.  Usually the kids decide what they would like to dress up as, and my husband and I then figure out what we can dress up as to tie in with the kid’s costumes. It’s been fun to get creative with our costumes, mixing store bought items and adding a touch of handmade, or even some years making them all from scratch.

Here’s a tour of our Disney inspired family costumes over the last few years.

  • Handmade Queen of Hearts and Woody

    Handmade Queen of Hearts and Woody

    While the kid’s costumes were both bought at the Disney store, our costumes were all handmade. I attached a felt heart to a black sweater and made an adult sized tutu out of red and black tulle, and topped it off with a crown and heart shaped lips. My husband dressed as a cowboy, added a cow vest to top off the look.

  • Alice In Wonderland and Toy Story

    Alice In Wonderland and Toy Story

    This year the kids couldn’t agree on a single theme, and so we split up. My daughter chose to be Alice, and so I was the Queen of Hearts, and my son was of course Buzz and my husband was his pal Woody.

  • The Prince and the Queen

    The Prince and the Queen

    Finding a pint-sized Prince costume was near impossible, so we improvised and made our own, based off of illustrations from the Disney book. We dressed him in a long sleeve t-shirt, brown pants, baby Uggs, and made a pull over tunic out of cotton, used a gold chord for a belt and cut a cape from felt.

  • Snow White Themed Family

    Snow White Themed Family

    This year we coordinated our entire family around the theme of Snow White. My daughter was obviously Snow White, my son was the Prince, I was the evil Queen and my husband’s knight costume was intended to be the Huntsman.

  • Tinkerbell and her wings

    Tinkerbell and her wings

    While this costume has long since stopped fitting my daughter, she still has these fairy wings and uses them for dress up play to this day.

  • Baby Peter Pan

    Baby Peter Pan

    While my daughter’s Tinkerbell costume was sparkly and pretty, this little guy stole the show on Halloween with his pint-sized Peter Pan costume, drool and all.

  • Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

    Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

    My daughter was just over 2-years-old and our son was only 5-months-old. While we parents didn’t get our acts together since we still had a small infant and weren’t sleeping much, we did match the two kids up to be the characters from the beloved children’s classic Peter Pan. Both costumes this year were store bought.


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