On What To Expect When Your Hair Is Falling Out

When Huck was first born I had myself a crazy head of hair. Pregnancy hormones were kind to my scalp I was blessed with insane thickness and gloss to rival the magazines. But then, four months later, BOOM. By the fistful. Down the drain, shed a tear. I quickly lost so much hair that my mane was nothing but a shadow of its former self. I did sort of panic, but not too much. But once the regrowth started my vanity landed in a world of hurt. Hello new mama mullet. Not a pretty look. I would catch a glimpse of my sad, thin, straggly hair in the mirror, frown at all the weird bits sticking straight up and wonder, “When will this be back to normal?”

Well, I have the answer for you…

Sixteen months. Sixteen months and the regrowth has grown past my chin. I hardly notice it anymore! So, yes. Sixteen months. You can do it, mamas. Hang in there!

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