On the Proper Care of Chubby Babies

Huck wasn’t a huge infant or anything, but right around two months the man started to fatten up quite deliciously. I was so excited to see it happen. I had been a fat baby and during my years of infertility the image of a fat, gurgly baby of my own was the only thing that kept me going. Watching Huck become that fat baby was such a delight. And oh boy did he get fat.

Taking care of our big babies is a pleasure! Here are some of the tricks I learned.

1. Fat babies means fat rolls. And fat rolls mean good nibbling. Fat rolls need to be kept clean, or they’ll get irritated (and smell bad–not so good for fat roll nibbling). Every morning after his first diaper change I’d inspect his every roll with a wet wipe. Be thorough, and please wipe carefully. That skin in there is so delicate! At every diaper change I’d inspect the usual suspects for new build up. It happens quickly! You must be on guard at all times!

2. Know what doesn’t work? Baby powder. Skip it.

3. Do fat babies need lotion in all their crevices? Or should you lube up only the skin that is exposed? I tried both and decided that ultimately it was easier to keep the lotion to the parts of his skin exposed to air and sun, except for in the winter, when his skin seemed more dry than usual.

4. That said, sunscreen needs to go on all of baby’s skin, even under arms and in the you-never-see-it inner elbows. You just never know when he’ll stretch an arm out, and a fat roll is a terrible spot for a ouchy sun burn.

5. Use a mild, gentle soapy bathwash in the tub and use your hands to work it into every last dimple and roll. I savored bath time because I got to squish that slippery chub to my heart’s content. And it’s a win-win, since the benefits of baby massage are so great and our fat babies are a little like a stress release ball. ;)

What special care do you take for your big, sweet babies? Do share!

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