Oh How I Loathe the First Trimester

I must confess, I feel a bit guilty writing this post. I know I should be totally thankful for a new baby and everything, but oh my goodness. The first trimester is simply AWFUL. And quite honestly, the only thing that “got me through” it was knowing that pregnant women all over were experiencing the same things as me. Maybe you can relate? Here are 10 reasons to loathe the first trimester…

  • Let's be honest, the first few months are BRUTAL!

    Let's be honest, the first few months are BRUTAL!

    Click through to read 10 reasons why the first trimester really is so awful…

  • The Exhaustion

    The Exhaustion

    I mean, it’s awful! I could barely get myself out of bed or off of the couch, much less do ANYTHING productive…

  • The Constant Nausea

    The Constant Nausea

    Morning sickness? Pshh! More like ALL DAY sickness. It’s the worst.

  • The Throwing Up

    The Throwing Up

    Every single thing ended up in the toilet. Even my birthday cake!

  • Nothing Sounds Good

    Nothing Sounds Good

    You know you need to eat, but absolutely nothing sounds good. Maybe ice cream. Maybe…

  • Craving Things You Shouldn't Eat

    Craving Things You Shouldn't Eat

    Of course when nothing sounds good, you start craving all the things you wither shouldn’t eat or can’t eat: fast food, deli meat, donuts, beer.

  • Being a Bump on a Log

    Being a Bump on a Log

    Like when friends call to invite you over for dinner and you have to say no because you can’t even stand the thought of getting in the car and enjoying an evening out.

  • Couch Parenting

    Couch Parenting

    Pregnancy is doubly hard when you already have little ones at home. I felt so bad for my girls during the first trimester because we weren’t doing our normal routine.

  • Keeping It a Secret

    Keeping It a Secret

    This may be the hardest thing of all. Just when you are sick and exhausted and in need of a support team, you have to keep your good news quiet!

  • Nothing Getting Done

    Nothing Getting Done

    Floors need mopped? Carpet needs vacuumed? Too bad. That is not getting done anytime soon, folks.

  • Feeling Guilty for Complaining

    Feeling Guilty for Complaining

    Yep, this is the hardest part. A baby is a HUGE blessing and something to be thankful for. Especially when you know that so many struggle to get pregnant and would LOVE to be in your shoes.

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