My Weekly Parenting Ups And Downs

This is a little series I like to write for my own blog, but I thought this week I would share my parenting ups and downs over here on Disney Baby. As a parent, each week is a new journey. They are filled with highs and lows and sometimes it’s nice to share them with each other to know we are not alone. Parenting is hard work!

  • The Ups: #1

    The Ups: #1

    This week Rowan and I got to spend lots of time reading together. I love how much she loves to look at books. It is such a special time for us to share.

  • The Ups: #2

    The Ups: #2

    I feel like this year Rowan is at an age where Christmas is just so magical for her. I have loved watching her experience it all. She lights up whenever she notices christmas lights or a christmas tree somewhere.

  • The Ups: #3

    The Ups: #3

    The other day out of nowhere I noticed it was super quiet all the sudden. I realized that Rowan and her Dad had fallen asleep on the couch together. Omigosh! My heart exploded!

  • The Ups: #4

    The Ups: #4

    We didn’t get any snow last year so this year we have been especially excited to show Rowan the snow. It may not have been a ton but the other morning we got to bring her outside for her first snowball fight. So fun!

  • The Downs: #1

    The Downs: #1

    Potty Training! This is a tough one. Just when you think they get it, you end up with a puddle in the middle of the store. Or in our case in the middle of a Christmas tree farm.

  • The Downs: #2

    The Downs: #2

    Sharing is something that Rowan has been struggling with lately. I know it is a normal kid thing to go through but it can be frustrating. Of course she wants to share nicely when it’s other kids’ toys but when friends come over — watch out!

  • The Downs: #3

    The Downs: #3

    Being extremely pregnant with a 2 year old is super hard! I am so tired and so uncomfortable, yet I feel so guilty for not being able to play with her the way she wants to. It’s a hard balance to find.

  • The Downs: #4

    The Downs: #4

    They don’t call them terrible twos for nothing. Hah! Although, I will admit this is my favorite age so far. With all their newly found independence there also comes quite an attitude sometimes.

  • Let's Remember...

    Let's Remember...

    In all my weekly ups and downs, I always try to remember what a joy and blessing it is to be a Mom. It’s a job I don’t take lightly and one I am honored to have. Even on the worst days, a sweet smile for my little one can turn it all around!

Always remember to find joy in both the ups & the downs of each week.

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