my son’s blankie, “two ba”

It seems like yesterday that my firstborn, Aiden, was just a newborn. Now at 3 and half years old, his baby years seem like forever ago. But the one thing that has come with him into his toddler years is his blankie, “to ba”. Does your child have a lovie that soothes them and makes them happy? This is the story of our ” two ba”.

  • the story of Aiden's blankie

    the story of Aiden's blankie

  • pillowcases


    When Aiden was very small, he started taking the pillowcases off of my husband and I’s bedroom pillows. He would carry around a whole pile of them!

  • a piece of us.

    a piece of us.

    Something about these pillowcases reminded him of us. So he held them close… they never left his side!

  • the favorites

    the favorites

    Then slowly over time he got attached to three of them. “Ba”, “Two Ba” and “Two Ba Two”…all named by Aiden himself!

  • just two ba

    just two ba

    Eventually he was only attached to “two ba” and that became his blankie, his lovie! Just an old pillowcase!

  • comfort


    Lovies are so great because they can bring such comfort to your little one. Aiden holds “two ba” tight at bedtime and “two ba” has helped him through the times when he was sick.

  • what about you?

    what about you?

    Does your little one have a blankie or lovie that they can’t go without? I would love to hear!

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