Our Newest Disney Baby: My Family Gained a New Set of "Ears"

It’s been nearly two months since you’ve last heard from me. You see, I was missing in action for a very good reason. Ten days after my due date, on May 7, I finally delivered my highly anticipated newest Disney Baby, Amani! Her name, Amani, is Arabic for “wishes;aspirations”. Honestly, I couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful home birth experience. My second! More on that to come soon.

As I mentioned, she was born at home by my amazing midwives, Shannon and Judy. Born at 7:51 p.m., just before the sun set on that beautiful day. She weighed 7 pounds — my tiniest — and measured in at 19 inches. She was immediately welcomed home and into our family surrounded by my closest loved ones and friends. With a good strong cry, she made sure we knew she had finally arrived.

Her sisters are over the moon by her arrival! If Amani had a dollar for every kiss we’ve all collectively given her, her college tuition would be set.

Welcome to the family, my sweet little girl. And welcome to Disney Baby.

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