My BABY’S New Year’s Resolutions!

Just a few days into the New Year, Judah pulled me aside to have a little chat after breakfast. “Mom, I’ve got a few resolutions for the New Year,” he said, nibbling on a teething biscuit.

“Oh really?” I replied, dabbing at his cheek with a wipe.

“Yup,” he mumbled. “Here they are.” And then he handed me this list.

  • New Year, New Baby!

    New Year, New Baby!

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    Here are my New Year’s resolutions. Enjoy.

    Love & kisses,

  • Hit the Gym

    Hit the Gym

    Mom, if I’m going to really start crawling, I’m going to have to start hitting the gym. I need to work on my squats and power lifting!

  • Organize My Cheerios

    Organize My Cheerios

    My Cheerios are always such a mess. No time like the present to start organizing my things! (And if I get tired of sorting, I can always just eat them instead.)

  • Remove Everything From Mom's Face

    Remove Everything From Mom’s Face

    Mom. There are too many things on your face. Let me help you with that.

  • Catch Those Wandering Furry Things

    Catch Those Wandering Furry Things

    They never hold still and I just want to hug them! They’re so soft like my stuffed bear toy but these are way cooler. They have a mind of their own! I need to catch them. Need to.

  • Pull Off Every Sock and Shoe

    Pull Off Every Sock and Shoe

    While they are incredibly stylish – and I gotta give you and dad major fashion points – they cover up my toes! How else will I be able to get my toes into my mouth if you constantly cover them in shoes and socks?

  • Teach Mom and Dad How to Talk

    Teach Mom and Dad How to Talk

    I promise you, my vocabulary is more than just phonemes like “baba” and “mama” and “dada” – I just choose to be very selective about what I say and when I say it. But this gibberish that you and Dad say all the time to me… I guess I need to work on your vocabulary first!

  • Take Some Time to Relax

    Take Some Time to Relax

    Being a baby is exhausting. I should really take some more time for myself, don’t you think?

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